Sachiko Wada (ワダサチコ) is a creator whose credits for Fire Emblem are numerous, ranging from artist, to director, to level designer. Wada's work includes the main design of all three Fire Emblem titles on the Gameboy Advance, which she created the character portraits for. She also created the portraits for Path of Radiance, in addition to the game's level design.

Sachiko Wada is especially known for her work on Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, which she directed as well as designed and did the character art for.

In 2008, Wada made bonus artwork of Julian and Palla for Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. She also contributed a picture of Samson and Sheena for Archanea Chronicle. In 2012, she designed Leif for Fire Emblem Awakening's DLC. In 2015 she joined the team of artists working on Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher).

Wada is also credited with Advance Wars, Super Famicom Wars and Pokémon Puzzle Challenge.