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A Sacred Seal (聖印, Seiin lit. Holy Mark in the Japanese version) is a type of skill introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes. They are essentially the passive skills with the ability of being freely equipped on any character or swapped around between characters. They are not learned by characters but can be earned by completing quests or forging. Only one copy of each Sacred Seal can be obtained at any moment - duplicates are instantly exchanged for 300 Hero Feathers.

List of Sacred Seals

See main article: List of Skills in Fire Emblem Heroes#Sacred Seals.

Sacred Seal Forge

Sacred Seal Forge is an option available after the Intermission: A Power Awakens is cleared. It allows players to create or upgrade Sacred Seals by forging with Badges, Great Badges and Sacred Coins as materials. The color of the required Badges and Great Badges varies, depending on the Sacred Seal.

Materials Create Upgrade
Level 1 > 2 Level 2 > 3
Badges 100 200 1000
Great Badges 20 60 400
Sacred Coins 20 or 50 50 100