Ephraim and Eirika with the Sacred Stone of Renais.

The Sacred Stones (聖石 Seiseki lit. Holy Stones) are important items in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Before the events of the game, there was one of these stones in every nation except Carcino. These sacred treasures were used by the Five Heroes to seal the spirit of the Demon King away long ago. The Sacred Stone of Grado is the stone his soul was actually sealed away in; because it burned with the rage of the imprisoned soul of the Demon King, it came to be known as the "Fire Emblem". Afterwards, entire nations were built around their power and legacy by the Five Heroes.

"The Fire Emblem" was later divided into two parts by Lyon after using its power to revive his father, Emperor Vigarde: the Dark Stone and the Sacred Stone of Grado. Lyon used the "Fire Emblem" to revive his father because he did not believe that he could rule Grado by himself. With the help of Knoll, a researcher of arcane matters, and some of the other council mages, he resurrected his father in exchange for his soul and became possessed by the Demon King. The Sacred Stone of Grado was then destroyed, the first of four. Frelia's Sacred Stone was destroyed after an assault on the Tower of Valni, led by Selena Fluorspar and Caellach Tiger Eye of Grado. Later, the Sacred Stone of Jehanna was destroyed by the combined efforts of Caellach's and Valter Moonstone's assault on Jehanna Hall, resulting in Queen Ismaire's death. Finally, the Sacred Stone of Renais was destroyed by Lyon himself on Neleras Peak.

After the events of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, only the Stone of Rausten was not destroyed, and it now holds the Demon King's soul. The stone is now held in Renais as the last Sacred Stone intact.

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