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Sacred Weapons (神聖武器 Shinsei Buki) are a group of Legendary Weapons from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They can be wielded by anyone, but their powers are enhanced when used by someone with the associated Crest.


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According to legend, Macuil of the Four Saints was said to be an excellent blacksmith, more skilled with his hands than the rest of his brethren. He used his smithing skills to forge many sacred weapons for use by Seiros' army: he even used some of these weapons himself, and was said to be a formidable combatant second only to Saint Seiros herself. Some of these weapons were also used by his fellow saints Cethleann, Cichol, and Indech during the War of Heroes.

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In the present day, many of these sacred weapons can be found scattered across the region of Fódlan. Certain sacred weapons have remained in use by different individuals, while others remain hidden and guarded.

In gameplay, Sacred Weapons differ from the Heroes' Relics in that they can safely be used by anyone, but require an A level of skill to be usable. When equipped with a Sacred Weapon, the user will heal HP at the start of every turn, and the effect will increase if the user bears the matching Crest. The increase is greater for users with a Major Crest than those with a Minor Crest.

List of Sacred Weapons

Sacred Weapon Associated Crest
Axe of Ukonvasara Crest of Gloucester
Caduceus Staff Crest of Cethleann
Ochain Shield Crest of Cichol
Spear of Assal Crest of Cichol
Sword of Begalta Crest of Riegan
Sword of Moralta Crest of Fraldarius
Sword of Seiros Crest of Seiros
Seiros Shield Crest of Seiros
Tathlum Bow Crest of Lamine
The Inexhaustible Crest of Indech