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Sacrifice is a Skill unique to Micaiah in both Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Fire Emblem Heroes. As the name implies, it allows Micaiah to sacrifice her own HP in order to heal and cure any status ailments of a unit in an adjacent space. Unlike many other skills in Radiant Dawn, Sacrifice cannot be removed or unequipped. Additionally, it is non-fatal to Micaiah.

It is implied that only Heron Branded have this ability.


Radiant Dawn: Player activated, Micaiah must have more than 1 HP remaining. Capacity Usage: 0

Fire Emblem Heroes[]

Name Activation SP
FEH skill support.png Sacrifice Select an ally 1 space away 400
Effects Converts penalties on target into bonuses. Restores HP to target equal to unit's current HP-1. Reduces unit's HP by amount restored.
Users Requires Ardent Sacrifice