“When I left Tahra, I swore to the war god, Heim, that I would not fear death as long as I could help the savior of my town. You need not worry about me. If I could be of any assistance to you, then please take me along.”
—Safy to Finn

Safy is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is a seventeen year old priestess of Tahra. She is also the only character who is able to use the Hammerne staff.


Safy is the older sister of Tina. She is also servant of Linoan, who sends her out to find people to help fight against the Grannvale Empire, which is invading Tahra. However, she is captured by Lifis and his pirate group. She can be later rescued by Leif in Chapter 2x if Lifis is captured before the fort was seized. In this scenario, she also convinces Leif to let Lifis join the army, unaware of his intentions.

After Leif escapes from Manster, Safy appears again alongside Finn during their attempt to save him. She can recruit Shiva in Chapter 7 after recognizing him from his brief stint as a mercenary working for Lifis's gang. She later reunites with Tina at the base of the Dandelion thieves and scolds her for rashly leaving their home. After the war ends, Safy returns to Tahra, where she dedicates her life to helping the needy and impoverished.



  • Chapter 3: Complete Chapter 2x.
  • Chapter 7: Automatically from Turn 2 (if she was recruited earlier and survived).

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
FE5 priestPriest
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov LS MS PC
3 14 0 6 6 7 9 0 3 5 0 0 1
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE5 Staff IconStaff - C (+40)


Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Mov
35% 30% 60% 45% 40% 5% 3% 2% 0%

Promotion GainsEdit

Item Required Promoted Class
Knightproof Knight Proof FE5 high priest High Priest
Level Str Mag Skl Spd Def Bld Mov
1 0 +3 +1 +1 +1 0 +1
Weapon Ranks
FE5 Light Icon E FE5 Staff Icon +1

Support BonusEdit


Supported by


Safy's incredibly early jointime, respectable staff rank, early access to Warp, and utter monopoly over the Repair staff, which has an unusually high 5 uses in this game, make what would otherwise be a harmless cleric into one of the best units in the game. Other staff users will show up down the line, but only Safy will be able to repair gear or enable earlygame Warp abuse. It is generally recommended to promote her as soon as she hits Level 10, as it will boost her weapon rank by 1 and allow her to gain access to Warp earlier.

Players should be cautious about using Safy's repair staff on weapons. While Thracia 776 possesses many powerful personal weapons, the player will likely get more mileage out of repairing the Thief Staff, which can translate into four extremely useful weapons, or even Warp staves, on its own.

As the Lena archetype of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, Safy functions primarily as a healer. However, her mobility is very low, so she may quickly fall behind the army unless she is using the Fortify or Physic staves. Her low base HP and virtually nonexistent Defense requires that she be kept away from combat at all costs. Leaving her unequipped is better for her survival since enemies will only capture her rather than attack her thanks to her low Build. Interestingly, Safy also has a remarkably high Strength growth despite being a frail Priest. She is unable to utilize it, though, since magic-wielders have no need for the Strength stat.


Death quoteEdit

“...Dear God! ...Let there be...peace...”
—Safy's death quote in Thracia 776.

Escape quoteEdit

“May God bless you, Lord Leif...”
—Safy's escape quote in Thracia 776.


Talk with ShivaEdit

  • In Chapter 7

Safy: Oh, you're...
Shiva: Ah... So we meet again.
Safy: Why are you doing this? You're not a bad man...
Shiva: I'm just doing my job. It's of no concern to you. Now move.
Safy: ...No.
Shiva: ...You're going to sacrifice your life for that kid?
Safy: If that's the case...then so be it!
Shiva: ......
Safy: Thracia needs Lord Leif! I would gladly give my life to ensure that he arrives there safely!
Shiva: Hmph... You say some pretty stupid things sometimes, don't you? Fine... Have it your way.
Safy: What!? Then you're going to help Lord Leif?
Shiva: Yeah. Might as well, you know? But let me say this. Don't ever talk about death lightly in front of me. If there's one thing I hate, it's people rushing to get killed.
Safy: I'm sorry... I'll be more careful.
Shiva: Can I ask you something? What is it that you want? What would make you smile with your heart?
Safy: I simply want to see the people living happily in peace. If they are smiling, then I will be as well.
Shiva: I see... Guess I shouldn't have asked. Anyway, my name Shiva, from Savan. What's yours?
Safy: Safy...from Tahra.

Talk with TinaEdit

  • In Chapter 12x

Safy: Tina!? What are doing in a place like this?
Tina: Big sister Safy! Waaahh...
Safy: Why are you crying? What happened? Why did you leave Tahra!?
Tina: I wanted to help you, so I left the city... But then I was captured by a thief named Perne, and he made me his slave...
Safy: Slave!? Tina! What did he do to you!?
Tina: He told me to help him steal with the Thief and Unlock staves...
Safy: Why didn't you refuse?
Tina: I did... But then he did terrible things to me...
Safy: Terrible things!?
Tina: Yes...
Safy: What did he do to you, Tina!? Tell me! I'm prepared for the worst!
Tina: He... He takes huge bugs and puts them on my face... I-I was so scared... I thought I would die.
Safy: ...Is that all?
Tina: Yes... But I was really scared. Just remembering it gives me shivers...
Safy: Tina...
Tina: Yes?
Safy: I told you to stay in Tahra until I returned. Now, you see what happens when you don't listen to your big sister? I hope you've learned your lesson.
Tina: Yes, I'm sorry... Oh, Safy, don't you think Lord Leif is so handsome? My ideal man would be a prince like him... What do you think, Safy?
Safy: Tina... ...I'm a little tired. Let's talk later.
Tina: Okay, big sister!


Safy - Servant of God (神につかえし者 Kami ni Tsukaeshi Mono lit. The One Who Serves the Gods)

After returning to Tahra, Safy worked to help the poor and the underprivileged. It is said that she appeared as a goddess in the eyes of those she offered her hand to.

Non-Canon AppearancesEdit

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)Edit

Safy is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards: