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Sage's Hamlet as seen in Shadows of Valentia.

“A hamlet hidden amid the Lost Treescape in Rigel's northeast. It is said to be home to a great sage.”
—Description in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Sage's Hamlet is a location in Fire Emblem Gaiden (and its remake) and Fire Emblem Awakening.

In Gaiden, it is a village hidden past the Lost Treescape in northeastern Rigel that is kept hidden from the Empire and the Duma Faithful. It is the home of Halcyon, who Celica visits in order to learn more information on Mila's whereabouts. In Echoes, it is also where Conrad stays after going into hiding.

In Awakening, it is a small village in Valm that is home to kind Sages. It is under attack by bandits when Owain and Chrom's army arrive to help them.



  • The Sage's Hamlet in Awakening is further south than the original Sage's Hamlet in Gaiden. The former location is now occupied by the Valm Harbor.
  • The battlefield map of the Awakening Sage's Hamlet was originally planned to be an exact replication of the Gaiden Sage's Hamlet, but the idea was scrapped later on in development.

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