Intro Cutscene Edit

  • "Here it goes!"

Switching To Character Edit

  • "I'll try my best!"

Ally Assist Edit

  • (when healing, neutral) "I... I'm just happy to be of use!"

Help Edit

  • ""

Critical Lines Edit

Alone Edit


  • "Just try me!"


  • "I'm ready!"
  • "I'm sorry about this!"
  • "Please forgive us!"

Dual Strike (neutral) Edit

As Vanguard

  • ""

As Support

  • ""

Dual Strike (special) Edit

With Corrin Edit

With Corrin as Support

  • Corrin: "Sakura! Follow my lead!"
  • Sakura: "I trust you, Corrin!"

With Corrin as Vanguard

  • Sakura: "I'm right beside you, Corrin!"
  • Corrin: "We're stronger together, Sakura!"
With Ryoma Edit

With Ryoma as Vanguard (A?)

  • Sakura: "I'd like to help, Ryoma!"
  • Ryoma: "Good to hear! Now, let us clean up this mess together!"

With Ryoma as Support (A?)

  • Ryoma: "Let's do this together, Sakura."
  • Sakura: "Be right behind me!"
With Takumi Edit

With Takumi as Vanguard

  • ""

With Takumi as Support

  • Takumi: "Sakura! Let's do this together!"
  • Sakura: "I-I'll fight with all my heart!"
With Xander Edit

With Xander as Support

  • Xander: "Let's begin, Princess Sakura!"
  • Sakura: "Yes! I'll try my best!"

With Xander as Vanguard

  • Sakura: ""
  • Xander: ""
With Leo Edit

With Leo as Support

  • Leo: "Easy does it, Princess Sakura."
  • Sakura: "Here I am!"

With Leo as Vanguard

  • Sakura: "Leo, can we do this together?"
  • Leo: "Through action we grow stronger."
With Elise Edit

With Elise as Support

  • Elise: "Let's do this together, Sakura!"
  • Sakura: "I'd like that!"

With Elise as Vanguard

  • Sakura: ""
  • Elise: ""
With Celica Edit

With Celica as Support

  • Celica: "Now's the time to strike as one!"
  • Sakura: "I'll try to help, Celica!"

With Celica as Vanguard

  • Sakura: "Here I am, Celica!"
  • Celica: "We shall support each other!"
With Minerva Edit

With Minerva as Vanguard

  • Sakura: "Princess Minerva, shall we?"
  • Minerva: "Right! Let's go!"

With Minerva as Vanguard (A+)

  • Sakura: "Princess Minerva, lend me your strength!"
  • Minerva: "Just point me at the target, princess Sakura!"

With Minerva as Support

  • Minerva: "May I ask your assistance, Sakura?"
  • Sakura: "I'm with you, Princess Minerva!"

With Minerva as Support (A+)

  • Minerva: "Join me, princess Sakura!"
  • Sakura: "Yes! I'll do my best, princess Minerva!"
With Linde Edit

With Linde as Support

  • Linde: "Lady Sakura! Let's join forces!"
  • Sakura: "I'll do my best, Linde!"

With Linde as Vanguard

  • Sakura: ""
  • Linde: ""

During Battle Edit

Praise Lines Edit

  • "That was so inspiring!"

Praising Corrin

  • Sakura: "What mastery Corrin! I hope I'm strong enough to fight beside you..."
  • Corrin: "It's just like you to worry about me Sakura, but just do your best!"

Praising Hinoka

  • Sakura: "What power! I hope to be as strong as you one day, Hinoka..."

Praising Ryoma

  • Sakura: "R-Ryoma, how is it that watching you always brings out the best in me?"

Praise from Linde

  • "Lady Sakura, you do such amazing things for a Shrine Maiden!"

Praise reply

  • "I', simply doing my best."

Support increased Line

  • "I'm growing quite fond of you."

Facing/Defeating an Enemy Edit

Defeating an officer

  • "*huff* I managed to win..."
  • "I hope I helped!"
  • "I...I did it!"

Facing Takumi

  • Takumi: "Don't hold back, Sakura. I won't take it easy on you!"

Defeating Takumi

  • "I'm sorry this had to happen, Takumi."

Defeating Elise

  • "I won? I suppose luck was with me today Elise..."

Defeat Edit

Ally Sakura

  • "Please...go on without me."

Enemy Sakura

  • "Defeated... here?!"

Stage clear Line

  • "It over! Is everyone okay?"

After Battle Edit

Victory Cutscene Edit

  • "I hope nobody got hurt..."

MVP Edit

  • "I'm the best? There must be some mistake!"

Level Up Edit

  • "Oh, yay! I think I improved a little..."
  • "Now I can pull my weight!"

Support increased Line Edit

  • "I'm growing quite fond of you."
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