Salia (サリア Saria) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is one of the four main kingdoms on the continent of Lieberia. It is situated to the south of Leda and west of Reeve. It is also known for its vast grasslands and forests, which are the home of pegasi. It has several territories within it, two of which are Blood and Selba. It is named after Princess Salia of Reeve, the second daughter of Emperor Carluon and Empress Utna.

Fifty years prior to the game's events, a war broke out between Salia and Leda over territory. Both of the kingdoms fell into ruin after King Glaus of Leda summoned the Earth Dragon, Kranion. Following this, King Dagnell was overthrown in a coup by his younger brother, Ahab, who desired to claim the throne of Salia. During the story, it is liberated from Ahab's control by Holmes, who frees the imprisoned Dagnell and Queen Maria.

Known People from Salia[edit | edit source]

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