Saphira (サフィア Safia) is a playable character from TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. She is a cleric from Veria who is working in a Narvian monastery. She is clumsy, but a good healer.

Profile Edit

Saphira is actually Sanacia Fille Brontë (サナーキア・フィル・ブロンテ Sanakia Firu Buronte), the young 27th Apostle. Her parents were the 26th Apostle Silpha Veri Bronte and the Shining Knight captain Denimud.

In-Game Edit

Recruitment Edit

  • Mercenary: Appears in the Monastery at the start of Chapter 4. (Unavailable for Heretic God; appears as an NPC.)
  • Permanent: After completing Heretic God, if her Happiness is 1 or higher.

Overall Edit

At first, the worth of Saphira as a unit may not be immediately apparent. Though stat-wise she is comparable to Izerna, the latter is available from the start of the game, thus having had some time to develop herself, and the player doesn't need to pay to use her. Saphira also starts at Level 1 and with a Light Skill of 0, and her starting battle skills, Miracle and Imbue, have only situational use. However, upon promotion, Saphira improves enormously: she gains 4 Magic and two massively useful skills, Resistor and Silence Dark. The former will grant +5 in all magic resistances to all allies within three hexes, making her a useful "support-bot" even if she can't do anything. The latter will prevent all use of dark magic for three turns (even by the final boss) and considering how many dark magic-users there are in later chapters, Saphira can make things easier for the player. A promoted Saphira is also the only unit who can use the powerful Starlight magic. The main drawback to promoting Saphira is that her promotion requirement is very late, requiring the player to get to Chapter 12-1.


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