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The Scalding Breath is a Colorless Breath that debuts in Fire Emblem Heroes as the exclusive weapon of Dragon Fáfnir.

Weapon Stats

Fire Emblem Heroes

Name Type

Scalding Breath

FEH Colorless Breath.png Breath

Mt Rng SP Rarity
16 1 400 FEH Star Rarity 5.png

Grants Spd+3. If foe initiates combat or if foe's HP ≥ 75% at start of combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit and neutralizes effects that guarantee foe's follow-up attacks and effects that prevent unit's follow-up attacks during combat, and also, if unit is not adjacent to an ally, inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack. (Only highest value applied. Does not stack.) If foe's Range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe's Def or Res.