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“So please, wipe that sad look off your face. We're going to kick some butt!”
—Scarlet to Corrin in Birthright Chapter 14

Scarlet is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. A feisty, passionate warrior from Cheve with strong morals, she is the leader of the Chevois resistance effort.


The leader of the anti-Nohr resistance in the occupied city of Cheve, Scarlet is known to have gained her inspiration from her grandfather, who was a servant of the king of Hoshido many years earlier.


Just as Leo attempts to execute Corrin at the end of Chapter 13 in the village of Cheve, a masked resistance General arrives and wounds him, halting him in his attempt. Scarlet and her resistance force then arrive shortly after, forcing Leo, Camilla, Hans and the rest of the Nohrian forces to retreat. Scarlet then briefly introduces herself and her position to Corrin before the resistance General reveals himself to be Ryoma.

Under Ryoma's lead, Corrin's army is led to the Cheve Underground, which functions as the resistance effort's base of operations in Chapter 14. After a proper introduction, Scarlet realizes that the Ryoma before her is the High Prince of Hoshido, and that his siblings have also come to assist him. She is humbled by their presence and requests to join the group, which Ryoma accepts.

Midway through their conversation, the safehouse is attacked by Nohrian forces cracking down on the resistance. Scarlet is initially hesitant to abandon her fellow resistance members, but knows that if Garon is killed, Cheve can be truly liberated, and makes the decision to accompany the Hoshidan royals to Nohr. As they make their escape, Scarlet comments on how she never thought she would have to use their escape tunnel so soon, and reassures Corrin with a hearty slap on their back.

Scarlet subsequently aids Corrin's effort to put an end to the age-old conflict shared between Hoshido and Nohr. She rebuild the Chevois knights thereafter, her love of mosaic rumored to be why Cheve knights wield flashy weapons.


Scarlet appears in Chapter 13, where she, alongside Takumi, Reina and Orochi, leads a rebellion uprising that has broken out in Cheve. The rebels clash with Corrin's army when the latter is deployed by Garon to eliminate them. Despite the best effort of the rebels, they are eventually defeated in the ensuing battle. When Hans and the Nohrian troops begin massacring the local civilians and the wounded Hoshidans who are left behind, Scarlet is executed in an especially gruesome manner.


Scarlet first appears alongside Ryoma and the Hoshidan army in Chapter 13, where they take up arms against Nohr in Cyrkensia. Following the subduing of the battle by Corrin's army's intervention to put an end to the fighting, Scarlet introduces herself to Corrin when they attempt to convince Ryoma to join their cause. She then makes the decision to place her trust in them even before Ryoma does, under the pretext that they have good eyes that do not lie of their owner's intentions. When Ryoma expresses incredulity at Scarlet's decision, an amusing scene ensues that sees Ryoma becoming flustered when she snaps at him and assures Corrin that she will lecture him while they are en route to Castle Shirasagi. She then departs from the vicinity with Ryoma.

Scarlet next appears in Castle Shirasagi in the opening sequence of Chapter 16 with Ryoma, where they quickly rush to aid Yukimura in quelling a Nohrian invasion that has broken out there. They then engage him in conversation, during which they exchange information on Corrin's cause, where it is revealed that they had urged them to meet them at the Bottomless Canyon before the skies over Hoshido and Nohr change color. When Ryoma later resolves to join Corrin's cause, Scarlet decides to accompany him. Later, as Corrin's army is ambushed by a Nohrian force led by Hans in the Bottomless Canyon, Scarlet shows up alongside Ryoma, Hinoka, Azama and Setsuna to serve as reinforcements.

Scarlet is directly involved in the plot again in the opening sequence of Chapter 18, where she and the rest of Corrin's army prepare to leap into the Bottomless Canyon to enter the realm of Valla. Shortly before she joins her allies, Scarlet pins a flower onto the front of her chest armor, informing Corrin that she is following a Chevois custom that is practiced during monumental events. She then leaps into the canyon alongside Corrin. While falling towards the bottom of the canyon, Corrin is attacked by a mysterious man, but is saved when Scarlet sacrifices her life by using her body as a shield to absorb the full impact of his blows. Following the conclusion of an attack led by Arete, Scarlet's death is made known to Ryoma and the rest of Corrin's army. Ryoma, shocked beyond measure, manages to regain his composure and urges Corrin to not continue blaming themselves for her death.

Scarlet appears one final time in Chapter 23, where her corpse is reanimated by Anankos to fight alongside Arete. Robbed of her ability to act of her own free will, Scarlet only achieves peace when she is killed in battle, whereupon she express gratitude to Corrin's army for freeing her from Anankos' control. Whether the player chooses to spare her is upon their decision. This does not affect the plot however, as even if she is spared, her whereabouts will not be mentioned after the chapter's conclusion.


Scarlet is depicted as refusing to bow down to conventions that she disagrees with, choosing instead to live life on her own beliefs and rules. This fact alone is precisely what motivates her into spearheading the Chevois rebellion effort, the result of her inability to continue tolerating the oppressive rule of King Garon.

Lively and freewheeling by nature, Scarlet has also been portrayed as openly honest with her thoughts and feelings, displaying no fear or hesitation in sharing them with others. This fact can be observed through her interactions with both Ryoma and Corrin, where she is known to make brutally honest comments about their actions, and in the case of the latter, reveal her penchant for embellishing her equipment with precious stones.

Scarlet is also known to be quite the romantic, although she keeps this tightly under wraps, only revealing it when faced with the person whom she loves. This fact can be observed in her S support with Male Corrin, where he attempts to propose to her, though she laughs at his attempt but admits her love to him regardless, stating that if anyone else had tried it on her, she would have slapped them.

She likes shiny things the most out of everyone in the army.


Base Stats[]

As an Enemy[]

Conquest Chapter 13 - Uprising[]

Revelation Chapter 13 - A Lost Peace[]

Revelation Chapter 23 - Arete Undone[]

Growth Rates[]

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
40% 60% 20% 55% 60% 45% 45% 20%

Max Stat Modifiers[]

Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res
+2 0 0 +1 -1 +1 -2

Class Sets[]

Standard Sets[]

Base Classes Promoted Classes

Partner Sets[]

Marriage Sets
Possible Candidates Base Classes Possible Promotions

Special Classes[]

Base Classes Promoted Classes


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Romantic Supports

Other Supports

  • Corrin (Female)
  • Kana (If Scarlet is her mother)




Secret Book (Artwork)
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Base Class[]

Scarlet is a solid offensive unit when she is recruited in both Birthright and Revelation. Her base Strength, Skill, Speed and Defense are above average for a pre-promote, and this is further complemented by the fact that her growths in these stats are quite decent. Considering that she is the only non-Einherjar Wyvern Lord in Birthright, she is worth considering as a unit for more unit diversity. On Revelation, Scarlet is, unfortunately, only available for use between Chapters 16 and 18. Regardless of this, she is a solid unit who is heavily recommended for use in Birthright. Her personal skill, In Extremis, boosts her critical hit rate by 30 whenever her health is under 25%, making her deadly when heavily wounded. With Killer weapons, she can become a dangerous Critical unit in that state, though she needs to be handled with care as well as recklessness can lead to her downfall.

Scarlet is recruited with her Wyvern Rider skills equipped; Strength +2 gives her a small boost to her Strength, while Lunge can be put to use for swarming tactics. In her Wyvern Lord base, the skills that she has access to include Rally Defense and Swordbreaker. Rally Defense is best suited for supportive play and is thus not quite recommended for an offensive unit like her. Swordbreaker, on the other hand, complements her natural proficiency in Axes by giving her the upper edge when facing against Sword and Katana-wielding foes. Scarlet also has access to Malig Knight, giving her Savage Blow to weaken units and Trample to give her offensive superiority over non-mounted units.

Secondary Classs[]

Scarlet has access to two secondary classes: Outlaw and Knight. While both classes don't have any decent skills that are worth keeping on her, Movement +1 from Outlaw can help her intercept enemies with more ease. She can also learn Locktouch from Outlaw, however Kaze, Saizo, and Kagero all have Locktouch upon being recruited, so there is really no need for Scarlet to use this skill.

As an Outlaw, Scarlet gains access to Adventurer and Bow Knight. As an Adventurer, she can learn Lucky Seven, which boosts her accuracy and helps her better avoid enemy attacks, although it is only useful for a meager seven turns. She can also learn Pass to flee from mobs of enemies if surrounded. As a Bow Knight, Scarlet stands to learn Rally Skill, a support skill that is best suited for a support-oriented unit. She can also learn Shurikenbreaker, a very useful skill that allows her to better fend against Shuriken and Dagger-wielding enemies who often have the tendency to be uncannily accurate in their attacks and can prevent having to take stat penalties from them.

As a Knight, Scarlet gains access to General and Great Knight, both of which bequeath a plethora of useful skills to her. As a General, she can learn Wary Fighter, although it is rather counterproductive as it completely ignores her above average Speed and prevents her from doubling. Pavise, the other skill she can learn, is far more helpful as it reduces the amount of damage that she can potentially sustain from physical attacks, especially those inflicted by enemies wielding dragon-slaying weapons. As a Great Knight, Scarlet can learn Luna, a powerful offensive skill that complements her Strength by further enhancing her damage output. She can also learn Armored Blow, a skill that transforms her into a solid physical tank when she initiates attacks.

Marriage Class[]

Corrin is Scarlet's sole marriage partner. This means that if wanting to acquire a specific skill for her, Corrin needs to marry her with the class as his secondary, otherwise, the player will need to search the game's online features for users who have a Scarlet with the skill.

Some classes worth considering to give her skills include Berserker and Spear Master which gives her Axefaire and Lancefaire respectively to boost damage to her base class' weapons. Sorcerer from Dark Mage gives her Bowbreaker, removing some of the threat of Bow users who deal effective damage to her flying mount base class. Dark Knight and Priestess provides Lifetaker and Renewal respectively for solid self-regeneration for her health. Lastly Sorcerer, Hero, Basara, Swordmaster and Master Ninja provides other attacking skills if Luna is not to the player's liking.

There are two skills in particular that syncs incredibly well with her personal skill as Samurai has Vantage which allows her to attack first during the enemy's turn when under half health and Vengeance which increases damage the more heavily wounded she is. Death Blow from Oni Chieftain is also worth considering as the boost from the skill during the player's turn means that she has a base 50% Critical hit rate without factoring her weapon when wounded. With the boost from a Killer Weapon, Scarlet can achieve a 90% crit activation during the player's turn when heavily wounded.

DLC Class[]

Scarlet is one of the best candidates for the use of the Exalt's Brand, granting her access to Great Lord, which retains her rank in Lances and offers her a powerful set of skills. Aether is a powerful offensive skill which also heals her and Awakening synergizes perfectly with her personal skill, increasing her Hit Rate, Evasion, Critical hit and Critical Evade is by 30 if at half health or below.

The Dread Scroll grants her Dread Fighter, which lets her retain Axes and gives her access to the powerful Aggressor, boosting her player-turn offenses, while Even Keel and Iron Will bolster her magical defenses.

Possible Endings[]

Scarlet - Rebellious Streak (豪快な女竜騎士, Gōkai na Onna Ryūkishi lit. Hearty Female Dragon Knight)
Scarlet returned to Cheve to rebuild the knightly orders of old. Her positivity moved many youth to join her cause. Legend has it she is the reason the Chevois knights wield such flashy weapons.
Scarlet and Corrin (Birthright)
Corrin was hailed as a hero, working alongside his spouse to spread peace worldwide. His wife, Scarlet, was known for always seeing the bright side of things. They adored each other.

Non-Canon Appearances[]

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)[]

Scarlet is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 151 CYL Scarlet Portrait
CYL2 180
CYL Scarlet Portrait
CYL3 153
CYL Scarlet Portrait
CYL4 214
CYL Scarlet Portrait
CYL5 146
CYL Scarlet Portrait
CYL6 103
CYL Scarlet Portrait
CYL7 79
CYL Scarlet Portrait

CYL8 112
CYL Scarlet Portrait


  • Scarlet shares her English voice actress, Marcella Lentz-Pope, with one of the female Corrin's voice choices.
    • She also shares her Japanese voice actress, Ayano Ishikawa, with Setsuna.
  • Azura and Scarlet are the only playable characters who die in multiple routes of the story. Birthright is the only route where Scarlet survives throughout the entire game.
  • Scarlet's death in Revelation Chapter 18 is triggered once the player has completed the chapter. During the preparation of the Chapter 18 battle, she is unlisted. However, should the player leave the battle preparation screen, she is still usable until the player eventually finishes the chapter.
    • Despite her permanent death in Revelation, she has a Revelation ending coded into the game; however, this ultimately goes unused.
  • Scarlet was voted as the 30th most popular female character on Nintendo's official Fates character poll.
  • During the opening cutscene of Revelation Chapter 18, Scarlet has a special battle model depicting her wearing a white and yellow flower.
  • Scarlet is always introduced in Chapter 13 in all three routes.
  • Scarlet is one of the few females who cannot die in Classic Mode, as she will simply retreat - presumably due to her later plot relevance in Revelation.
  • Due to plot reasons, the Scarlet Statue building in My Castle can only be built between chapters 16-18 in the Revelation route. This requires her to kill at least 20 enemy units before the cut-off point (with 50+ and 100+ kills needed to upgrade the statue to level 2 and 3 respectively).
  • In Chapter 23 of Revelation, Scarlet can have lower weapon ranks as an enemy than she did when she left the player's party.
  • Scarlet's Cut-In line, "I'm gonna get Nohrian on your butt", is a possible reference to Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.
  • Scarlet is the third playable character in the series who permanently leaves an army and has no circumstances to avoid it, preceded by Orson in The Sacred Stones and the Black Knight in Radiant Dawn.
    • Unlike her predecessors in this manner, Scarlet is still shown in the credits of Revelation as a Fallen Unit, making her the first mandatory Fallen Unit in any game.
    • Likewise, this makes her the only Fallen Unit that cannot be resurrected by the Bifröst staff.


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