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“Maybe the fog didn't stop you... But you must be in rough shape at least! I'll finish you off!”
—Scott's battle quote

Scott is the leader of a group of pirates from the Western Isles, and the boss of Chapter 9 of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. He tricks Fir and Sin into joining him to eliminate Roy's army, lying to them that the army have been killing the residents of the Western Isles. Fir and Sin can be recruited by talking to them with Noah and Sue respectively. Scott had the intention of killing Fir, and then stealing and selling the valuable Wo Dao she carries. It is interesting to note that he resembles Gelero, Paul, Jasmine, Pain, Agony, Maggie, and Rose, characters from other Fire Emblem titles.




Secret Book (Artwork)
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Scott is a dangerous foe to fight. He has a critical bonus and he could kill one of your characters if you are unlucky. Never attack him from 1-range, He may equip his Killer Axe and finish off one of your units. Even him attacking you with the Hand Axe is risky. A reliable strategy to kill him is to have both your mages attack Scott from a distance when he has the Killer Axe equipped. Then have two units rescue the mages and then have two more units take the mages and drop them out of Scott's range. Repeat until Scott dies.


“Who in Elibe...are you? You're no ordinary army...”
—Scott's death quote


  • According to a Japanese gaming news website, Scott landed 70th place out of 80 in the character popularity poll for The Binding Blade.
  • In The Binding Blade, Scott shares a recolored portrait with Gelero, Maggie and Rose.