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Scouting is a mechanic introduced in Fire Emblem Fates that replaces the Reeking Box of Fire Emblem Awakening. Rather than a usable item, this takes the form of an option the player can select on the world map. The player is given an option of any location that they have previously been to, and after confirming and paying a small amount of gold, enemies will be summoned to that location. This functionality is only available in the Birthright and Revelation routes, and serves as the main method of acquiring gold and experience.

Like the Reeking Box from Awakening, the strength of the foes will vary depending on the map, with late-game maps having stronger enemies than early-game ones.

List of Scouting Maps

Chapter Maps

Birthright Location

Revelation Location

Bottomless Canyon N. Bottomless Canyon N. 290 gold
Valley Settlement Valley Settlement 320 gold
Hoshido Capital: Plaza Hoshido Capital: Plaza 320 gold
Plains of Hoshido Plains of Hoshido 350 gold
Fort Jinya Canyon Valley 380 gold
Wind Tribe Village Fort Jinya 410 gold
Izumo: Castle Interior Wind Tribe Village 440 gold
Mokushu Forest Town in Izumo 470 gold
Sea of Hoshido Forest in Mokushu 530 gold
Opera House At Sea 560 gold
Cheve Destroyed Town 620 gold
Border Walls Port Dia 650 gold
Mount Garou Sevenfold Sanctuary 710 gold
Near Palace Macarath Lava Fields 740 gold
Ice Tribe Village Bottomless Canyon S. 800 gold
Woods of the Forlorn Floating Isle 860 gold
Sevenfold Sanctuary Abandoned Town 920 gold
Fort Dragonfall Floating Isles 980 gold
Demon's Falls Cursed Ruins 1040 gold
Windmire Lost Forest 1100 gold
Underground Passage
1160 gold
Castle: Training Grounds Castle Valla: Basement 1220 gold
Castle: Grand Staircase
1280 gold
Castle: Combat Room Castle Valla: Throne Room 1340 gold
Small Village Small Village 410 gold

Child Paralogue Maps

Birthright Location

Revelation Location

Town in a Deeprealm Town in a Deeprealm Varies
Poachers' Forest Poachers' Forest Varies
Cemetery in a Deeprealm Cemetery in a Deeprealm Varies

[N.B.: These values have only been checked on easy difficulty. They may be affected by difficulty settings. Not all paralogue locations have been checked. Not all Revelation locations have been checked.]