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The Second Seal (チェンジプルフ Chenji purufu, lit. Change Proof) is a promotional item that is introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening, permitting a given unit Level 10 and above to be re-classed into a different class set. Once re-classed, they will start off at Level 1 and their stats will be modified to suit the selected class. Second Seals can first be bought at the Mila Tree after Chapter 16 or, if Olivia, Cordelia, or Nowi have been married before that, as early as Chapter 14 after completing Paralogue 6Paralogue 10, or Paralogue 16 respectively. Second Seals can also be purchased from random Merchants after Chapter 4 is completed if the item is in their stocks.


The Second Seal works in different ways depending on the character's current class tier and level:

  • A first-tier class unit can use this seal starting at Level 10 to change into another first-tier class in that character's class set. However, they cannot use the Second Seal to promote into the second tier.
  • A second-tier class unit can use the Second Seal at any level to demote to a first-tier class of any class set, not just the first-tier class of their current class set.
  • A second-tier class unit Level 10 can be re-classed into a second-tier class belonging to a different class set.
  • A special-class unit is treated as a first-tier unit, and can use the Second Seal once they reach Level 10. At Level 30, they are treated as a second-tier class.
  • A unit at max level in any class can "reset" their level back to 1 without a change in stats.

Gameplay Application

The main function of Second Seals is to allow units to re-class into other classes belonging to other class sets in order to obtain skills to use. For pre-promoted characters, doing so allows them to "reset" their level, helping them to catch up with non-promoted units stat-wise. This can also be used to fix poor stat growths when training units. See Reclassing.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Change Seal FE13 Icon.png Second Seal 1 2,500 Re-classes a given unit into a class belonging to a different class set.

Item Locations

Method Location
Dropped Ch. 12Para. 5Para. 9
Treasure Ch. 18 - ChestCh. 20 - ChestPara. 12 - ChestPara. 16 - Chest
Visit Ch. 8 - VillageCh. 15 - Village
Armouries Mila TreeGreat GateMercenary FortressManor of Lost Souls
Merchants SouthtownWest of YlisstolThe NorthroadThe LongfortArena FeroxBorder PassPlegia Castle CourtyardThe MidmireThe FarfortThe Twins' TurfPeaceful Village
Renown Acquire 100 Renown points in order to obtain one Second Seal through this method.