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“Plunder away! King Naesala has given us his blessings!”
— Seeker's battle quote

Seeker (Pillard in the French version) is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance He is a Raven Laguz and one of Naesala's soldiers. He attacks Nasir's ship as he is transporting the Greil Mercenaries and Elincia from Port Toha to Begnion. He is also the only non-recruitable enemy to have a Demi Band. He appears heavier than other ravens and flies slower. Although Naesala allies with Ike later on, Seeker does not join.



Starting ClassAffinity
FE9 Seeker Raven Sprite
FE9Thunder Thunder
83616 (-2)*416 (-2)*17 (-2)*1111 (-1)*1019168
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Miracle (FE9) Miracle
Corrode (FE9) Corrode
-FE9 Beak (Raven) Beak
FE9BlueGem Blue Gem**
DemiBand Demi Band
Elixir (FE9) Elixir

* Demi Band effect
** Dropped upon defeat


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Seeker will remain stationary and virtually out of reach for a few turns before rushing the player. He has an extremely high Speed stat relative to this point in the game, and will double many units. His Strength is reasonably good as well, but not good enough to let him instantly dispatch anyone, aside from the frailest of units. Because Seeker has a good likelihood of attacking first, and because he is reasonably dangerous, players should do everything in their power to prevent him and any of his allies from attacking the same unit during the same turn. Forming a line around one side of the ship is one way to achieve this. When evaluating whether or not Seeker can double a unit, it is important to keep in mind the Weight of the weapon the unit is wielding. Thankfully, Seeker is not without weaknesses. Like all flying units, he is weak to Bows and Wind Magic, so the player might be able to effectively punish him upon counterattack.

As one final precaution, players should take note of his access to Corrode and Miracle, which can activate even if the player has an otherwise surefire way of beating him. The former can ruin valuable gear, and the latter can give Seeker a chance to mount an additional turn of offense. Neither are desirable outcomes, so exploiting his weaknesses can be especially important, even if the player has units that are powerful enough to endure several rounds of combat against him.

Players attempting to steal away his Demi Band will be in for a disappointment, because equipped items cannot be stolen. He does have a stealable Elixir, but given his high Speed stat, the player will likely be unable to steal it.


Battle Conversations[]

Vs. Ike[]

  • Ike: Urg...
  • Seeker: Not used to fighting on these confined decks, are you, human? Funny, but I don't feel confined at all! Without wings, you're nothing but food for crows!
  • Ike: Don't get... ahead of yourself!

Vs. Mordecai[]

  • Seeker: G-Gallian!
  • Mordecai: Stealing is wrong. I must punish you if others will not!

Vs. Lethe[]

  • Seeker: Ah! A Gallian? What are you doing here?
  • Lethe: You're a disgrace to all laguz! I will not let you continue like this!

Death Quote[]

“Argg... I'm falling...”
—Seeker's death quote