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“That's "Mom" to you. My son―tries to act so cool, so detached.”
—Seforia to Fogado

Seforia is a character in Fire Emblem Engage.


Seforia is the free-spirited Queen of Solm and the mother of Timerra and Fogado.

After escaping Elusia, the Divine Dragon Alear travels to Solm in hopes of gaining assistance from the kingdom. Fogado brings Alear to Solm Castle where Seforia warmly greets them. Having safeguarded the Ring of the Radiant Hero, Seforia obliges to their request to give them the ring, but realizes that she forgot about Timerra currently having it in her possession.

Alear and their forces eventually find Timerra and upon returning to the castle, Elusia had invaded the capital due to Princess Hortensia posing as an ally of Alear and takes Queen Seforia hostage. Despite Hortensia threatening to kill her if they refuse to surrender the rings they currently have in their possession, Seforia refuses to exchange the ring for her life. Hortensia, unable to muster the will to kill her, fails and relinquishes the Queen. The Four Hounds appear and brainwash Hortensia into attacking Alear's forces and a battle ensues.

With the defeat of the Four Hounds, the Elusian forces leave Solm. Left with only Princess Ivy and Hortensia, Seforia demands retribution for Elusia's actions. Rather than punishing the two, she instead requests that the two continue to aid the Divine Dragon in their mission in order to restore peace to Elyos and eventually foster positive relations between their countries. Seforia also tells Alear that Solm actually has possession of two Emblem Rings. She points to the Northern Fortress where the Ring of the Crux of Fate is hidden and has her two children and their retainers continue to fight in Alear's forces.


Queen Seforia embodies Solm's values as a queen of great generosity and is a free-spirit. Behind her carefree exterior, Seforia is a courageous figurehead, refusing to bow down to intimidation even in threat of death. She is also quite cautious, carefully examining those she meets, and a good judge of character. As Queen, she also sees values in long-term positive relationships, choosing to forgive the princesses of Elusia for their country's actions, knowing that they are repentant for it.

That same free-spirited attitude can also make her appear aloof and somewhat careless, as when she and Fogado forget where Solm's Emblem Ring is and begin scrounging the palace for it, only to remember that it was in the possession of her daughter.

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Seforia is a variation Sephora, a modern spelling of Zipporah, the wife of Moses in the Bible. The name means "bird".

Her Japanese name, Sfoglia, comes from the Italian puff pastry of the same name. It may also be based on Sfogliatella, a cream-filled confection made with sfoglia which is native to the Campania region in Italy.