Selba (セルバ Seruba) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a territory in Salia that is ruled by Lionheart. It consists primarily of plains. Prior to the game's events, it was invaded by the Zoa Empire while Lionheart was in Blood aiding its citizens in their rebellion against Ahab, who usurped Salia's throne from King Dagnell. It is governed by Kernel until he flees with his stolen treasures after discovering that Lionheart's forces are approaching.

Known People from SelbaEdit

  • Lionheart - The lord of Selba, known as the Wolf of the Plains.
  • Shirou - A loyal subordinate of Lionheart.
  • Rennie - An archer from Lionheart's rebel army.
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