“Fluorspar... His Majesty gave me this name. Therefore, I...”
—Selena's pre-battle quote in The Sacred Stones.

Vs. Ephraim Edit

  • Ephraim: Are you Selena?
  • Selena: Indeed I am. And you are Prince Ephraim.
  • Ephraim: I know you've spoken with Myrrh. Withdraw your troops. You must know the emperor is not rational!
  • Selena: Yes, I know.
  • Ephraim: Then why? Why do we still fight?
  • Selena: I am a general of the empire. His majesty's word is law.
  • Ephraim: That's ridiculous. You know the emperor is deranged, and yet you follow his orders?! Is that truly loyalty?
  • Selena: Prince Ephraim, you cannot understand. I know the path I'm given is foolish. Yet I am a knight, and I have no other.
  • Ephraim: Selena, please! I have no wish to see you die here!
  • Selena: Me? Die? Prince Ephraim, you misunderstand me. I have no intention of dying. Madness though it may be, I will be the one doing the killing today.

Vs. Duessel Edit

  • Duessel: Well met, Selena.
  • Selena: General Duessel... I must offer you my apologies. I called you a traitor, but I was mistaken. Your loyalty never wavered, not for an instant.
  • Duessel: ......
  • Selena: And yet you must know that I have no intention of withdrawing. So let us not waste words. Let us settle this with steel, my friend.
  • Duessel: That's how it is to be, then? One of us dies by the other's hands?
  • Selena: Yes. It's the path I've chosen. I have no regrets.
  • Duessel: I see... Well. I, too, must follow the path that I have chosen.
  • Selena: Very well.

Death QuoteEdit

“I am so...very tired... Now I, too...will...”
—Selena's death quote in The Sacred Stones
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