“Legendary lancers who stride battlefields with calm and surety.”
—In-game description from Radiant Dawn.

{{The Sentinel (聖槍使いホーリーランサー Hōrī ransā, lit. Holy Lancer in the Japanese version and Lancer in PAL region game versions) is a combat physical class that is first introduced in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The promoted form of the Halberdier class, the Sentinel, like its Japanese name suggests, wields Lances as its sole weapon of choice. It is the highest class tier of the Lance-wielding class tree that it appears in.

History in the Series

In its original inception in Radiant Dawn, the Sentinel class is the final promotion in the Soldier class line, directly promoting from the Halberdier class. Unrivalled masters of the Lance, this class is able to master the devastating Impale skill when the necessary requirements are met.


Radiant Dawn

Sentinels are very strong units. With all-around high stats, they can sustain, dodge (or block, since Sentinels use shields for their dodge animations), and deliver many blows to inflict substantial amounts of damage. They are more preferable to Marshalls, since they are easier to train in all class forms, although they are only confined to wielding Lances while Marshalls are able to handle all physical melee weapons.


Base Stats

FE10 Sentinel (Aran)

Maximum Stats

FE10 Sentinel (Aran)

Growth Rates

FE10 Sentinel (Aran)

Class Skills

FE10 Sentinel (Aran)


FE10 Sentinel (Aran)

Notable Sentinels

Radiant Dawn


  • In PAL versions of Radiant Dawn, Sentinels are the subject of a minor scripting error. While Sentinels are referred to as "Lancers" throughout the game, the class is still referred to as "Sentinel" in the Impale skill's description.


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