“Of course, Senator Valtome! I'd be happy to kill the wench.”
—Sergei, upon receiving orders to kill Elincia

Sergei (セルゲイ Serugei) is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is a Bow Paladin from Begnion and a general of Senator Valtome's personal army. To fulfill Valtome's wishes, he openly defies Zelgius's orders and pursues Elincia with the intention of killing her.



Starting ClassAffinity
FE10 Sergei Bow Paladin SpriteBow PaladinFE10WaterWater
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
CantoCantoFE10 BowBow - AFE10silverbowSilver Bow*

*Drops when defeated


RD Biorhythm D


The usual strategy is to corner and surround Sergei with melee units so he cannot move. Also, strike with weapons that can perform direct attacks. When you win, you obtain a Silver Bow.


Battle ConversationsEdit

“Fools! How dare you fight my master? He is Senator Valtome, duke of Culbert! Die in his name!”
—Sergei's default battle quote

Sergei: We are under the direct orders of Senator Valtome! His words carry the weight of the entire senate! Mercenaries! You know how war works. You know that Begnion can pay--
Ike: Save your breath. The Greil Mercenaries choose our employers. All the wealth in the senate couldn't buy us. Lay down your bow and surrender.
Sergei: What? Wretched fool! You'll rot in the ground next to that treacherous girl.

Death QuoteEdit

“S-Senator Valtome...”
—Sergei's death quote


Sergei (Сергей), also transliterated as Sergey, is the Russian and Bulgarian variant of the Roman name Sergius, which has an unknown meaning.


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