Summoned Edit

  • "I'm Serra—a sweet, helpless cleric. So, now that we've got that settled, don't push me too hard, OK?"


  • "Just between us, I might look like your usual cleric type, but you know what I really am? A count's daughter! ...What?! I really am!"
  • "Excuse me. Girl praying here. ...Saint Elimine... Please make sure everyone stays safe... And that they give me my fair share..."
  • "I will always be there when you need me, whether you're injured in battle or exhausted from duty. And I expect some token of thanks from you—which is only fair, right?"
  • "If there's one thing I want in life, it's for everyone to be healthy. But also money and jewel. And great food and fancy friends. Oh! And a royal title befitting my station!"
  • "I'm always on the lookout for a good servant. Only qualified people, you understand. I bet you'd be really good at it, though!"
  • "I'm Serra. Happy to see me? Sure you are. I came ALL the way here to see you, friend!" (Greeting from friend)
  • "By Saint Elimine, you certainly have turned my life upside down since you brought me here! Go here...battle there...heal this person...then that person... Why, don't you realize that I'm pretty as a petal and TWICE as fragile? But I do need to offer my thanks. I have developed a...thicker skin, thanks to you. And by that, I mean that my skin has actually gotten THICK, being in such harsh conditions! Still, it's not entirely awful having everyone dote on me, hoping that I'll help them out. Don't worry. I'll always make time to help you too—as long as you call me Lady Serra at all times. Got it?" (Upon reaching level 40)

Info ScreenEdit

  • "I'm here! Lucky you!"
  • "I am a count's daughter! I really, really am!"
  • "you will protect little old me, won't you?"
  • "Adore me!"
  • "Did you bring me a little gift? Or a big one?"
  • "Battles have such a terrible cost...all the time in the sun, my skin is so dry!"
  • "Oh, I'd never ask you to rub my's my feet that are sore!"
  • *laughs*

Level upEdit

  • "I'm just a natural!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "Ha! Proof of my noble blood." (3-4 stats up)
  • "No, no, no! I can't believe that just happened!" (1-2 stats up)
  • "Wha—? You made me stronger? Now I have to do more?!" (new skill learned)


  • "I'm here! Lucky you!" (healing)
  • "Adore me!" (healing)
  • "Who me? I'm helpless!"
  • "Bow down to me!"
  • "Very very mean of you!"
  • "Take pity on little old me!"


  • "Guh..."
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