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“A dance that increases allies' dodge for a turn.”
—In-game description

Set's Litany (セチの祈り, Sechi no Inori lit. Seti’s Prayer in the Japanese version) is a Ring that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Blessed by Set, the spirit of the wind, Set's Litany permits Ninian or Nils to perform a special dance or ballad for any character to temporarily increase their Avoid by 10 for the duration of one full turn.

Item Information

Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Setlitany.gif Set's Litany 15 - Temporarily increases an allied unit's Avoid by 10 for one full turn.
Name Uses Worth Effect(s) / Note(s)
Setlitany.gif Dummy 15 - DUMMY

Item Locations

Method Location
Visit Eliwood's Story: Ch. 30 - Ruins
Hector's Story: Ch. 32 - Ruins


In Egyptian mythology, Set was the god of deserts, foreigners, and storms. The brother of Osiris, Set accompanied Ra on his ride through the netherworld during the night, fighting off the serpent Apeps. Due to his role as the god of foreigners leading a group of invaders favoring him, Set was later demonized into a god of chaos and evil. He was said to have slain Osiris and dismembered him, before battling Osiris' son Horus for control of Egypt.


  • Set's Litany appears in the item coding of The Sacred Stones as a Dummy item. It retains its effect from the previous game and can be wielded by Tethys.
    • It was likely first intended that the Rings were capable of being acquired through normal conditions, but was scrapped later on in development.
    • After being used to boost a unit in The Sacred Stones, checking the unit's Cond stat in their personal data will display "Dodge is increased, thanks to Set's Litany."