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The Shadow Library is a location within Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is a library located in Abyss, housing books banned from the library at Garreg Mach Monastery.


Upon being able to explore the monastery during the War Phase, either Chapter 13 for the Crimson Flower route or Chapter 14 for the rest, the player can spend Renown to unlock the Banned Books quest. Upon completion, the library will offer a variety of different materials, including letters and excerpts from books that the player can read. Unlike other facilities in Abyss, this doesn't grant the player any mechanical benefit and is simply for the player to learn more about the lore of Fódlan.


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"Just a minute! The following section contains spoilers. Viewing it will cost a lot. Are you prepared to pay for it?"
Letter to a Mysterious Noble
"My Beloved...

You were right. It seems he would not hesitate to divide the house. What's more, I hear he's considering taking his half of the territory and joining the Kingdom.

I can't believe he would even consider dragging another region into this, not to mention stirring up trouble over his inheritance, at a time when the Alliance desperately needs to unite. He's clearly out of his mind. Though he bears a Major Crest and you have a Minor Crest, your father was wise in his attempt to declare you his heir.

As it were, I can't help but wonder what your intentions with me are. I am drowning in letters proposing marriage to that...beast. He may share your face, but the resemblance ends there. I refuse to marry such a foul creature. If you don't come to me soon, I am going to you. Don't forget that my father's blessing could be revoked at any moment...

I will depart Derdriu at the end of the Lone Moon. You had better be preferred for my arrival. I wish to marry you beneath the Garland Moon. Why? Well, I am a woman, after all, and even I harbor dreams of being a Garland Bride. Understood? Great. Make it so.

-Claudia, Second Daughter of House Riegan"

An Antiquated Note
"(A scrap of paper is stuck between the pages of a book. It appears to be incredibly old.)

• Moose Meat
Albinean moose is preferable. If unavailable, beef or horse meat may be substituted, though the dish's unique flavor will be somewhat altered.
• Goddess Messenger
Be sure to skin, hut, and clean the fish before use.
• Zanado Treasure Fruit
While difficult to obtain, it is well worth the effort. If necessary, boa fruit may be substituted.
• Seasoning and Spices
Adrestian rock salt, herbs of Faerghus, and honey of Leicester are strongly recommended.

This is a special dish prepared for the new emperor at ceremonies. Though its ingredients are extremely rare, making it rather expensive, chefs must restrain themselves from sneaking bites during preparation."

The Feast of Decadence
"The Seventh Song

...banquet celebrating the marriage of the young Emperor Lycaon III continued until the full moon waned to a half moon. The wait staff scurried about the castle refilling golden glasses. All present savored the taste of the fine bacchus from Boramas, as well as the screams of the northern swordsmen as they were torn apart by wild beasts during the...

...the countless dishes on the banquet tables were each overflowing with spectacular offerings. Treats themed after the Four Saints graced massive platters, just waiting for our greedy fingers to snatch them up. In honor of Saint Cichol, guardian of the land, prime Gronder wheat was used to bake endless loaves of delectable bread. In honor of Saint Cethleann, savory fish was presented, a dish she is believed to have loved...

...when the clown dressed as Saint Seiros decapitated the criminal dressed as Nemesis with a single swing, the spectators cheered with unbridled enthusiasm. A young man, staring at Emperor Wihelm as he caught the saint and pulled her into a close embrace, suddenly beckoned me. He pressed his lips to my ear and whispered sweet nothings, mirroring Emperor Wihelm and Saint Seiros upon the stage...

(The date of removal and Seteth's signature follow. It appears to be a novel set in the Adrestian Empire. It has sustained great damage, so nothing else is legible.)"

Words of Love
"Table of Contents

• How to Compliment a Lover
• The Art of Seduction
• The Myth of True Love's Singularity
• Gifting Saint Cethleann's Love Garland
• Alone Time and Greeting the Dawn

(The date of removal and Seteth's signature follow. It seems this was briefly part of the monastery's library, but all pages are missing save the table of contents.)"

Burnt Remnants of a Report
"(Burned papers that resemble a report of some sort. A few passages survived the fire and are still legible.)

• Item 18, Part 5

.... the Faerghus Rebellion. I harbor douby about the army Loog has raised. How did he recruit soldiers without raising suspicions in the Empire? How did he acquire those mysterious weapons, so like Heroes' Relics? What is the true identity of Pan, the tactician rumored to have been integral to Loog's victories? And Those Who Slither in the Dark...

• Item 22, Part 2

The shadowed order of the Knights of Seiros believes that King Klaus I of Faerghus was assassinated... Everyone believes that his will, that demands the territory to be divided among the three princes and fails to name a succesor is fake. The purpose was likely to invole the Leicester region and display a greater military force than the Empire...

• Item 49, Part 18

... the Tragedy of Duscur, after which more members of the Western Church are strongly criticizing the Central Church. Among them are those who claim the incident in Duscur was a work of the shadowed order of the Knights of Seiros. It seems a confrontation over the dogma's legitimacy is inevitable. Soon, the child of House Gaspard...

Item 51, Part 6

...son of the Alliance's leader, Oswald von Riegan, has died in an accident. This follows an incident involving the previous successor, and even the Knights of Seiros suspect it was ar Count Gloucester's command, thought it seems to conspicious. There is some concern that it could spark a war. With the Duke Riegan gravely ill, the situation is..."

Encyclopedia of Fodlan's Insects
"(This book title does not match its contents, suggesting a false cover. It seems to be a catalog of some kind.)

• Distance Viewer (Based on Glasses)

By combining glasses lanses, one can view great distances with enhanced clarity. Crafting such a tool was forbidden to a degree by the Archbishop for the following reasons: 1. The ease of locating enemy camps would escalate wartime violences. 2. It would be too easy to snipe from afar. 3. It would lessen the mystery of the Goddess, who watches from above.

• Flammable Black Water

A sticky black liquid was discovered in northern Faerghus. It burns furiously and emits a highly toxic gas. The use of this wicked substance was forbidden by decree of the Archbishop for the following reasons: 1. Missuse could result in accidental death. 2. It could be used tactically by those lacking magical ability. 3. Competition for it would cause strife.

• Metal-Hold Printing Machine

Though initially lauded as a practical replacement for woodblock printing, after careful consideration, deemed it taboo for many reasons, particularly the following: 1. Risk of mass circulation of misinformation and malevolent rumors. 2. It is useless to illiterate commoners. 3. Risk of intensifying disparity between church branches.

• Human Autopsies (Especially Involving Head or Chest Incisions)

Though it is widely believed to be medically relevant, such actions upon a corpse are considered desecration of the dead. Since white magic can be used to a similar end, autopsies were deemed taboo. A notable cardinal asserted that if medical science were to excel over faith-based white magic, it would destabilize the foundation of the church."

Romance of the World's Perdition
"In the land of Thinis, where the old gods are said to live, the False God has awakened. Its looming, heteromorphic vessel was ressurected to sink the world to the depths of the ocean. It will bring extinction to all children of men, and salvation to all beasts of the land, sky and sea. For the children of men who spilled too much of the blood of life, it promises only cruel retribution.

The False God must be defeated before the world sinks into a watery grave. To this end, the children of men have erected pillars of light upon the land. Thinis, Malum, Septen and Llium were utterly destroyed. Those lands have vanished from this world. Yet even still, the False God stands. And soon, a flood aptly named Despair will drown this world.

The children of men fled to the depths of the earth, beyond the sight of the False God, beyond the entrance of the sacred sun, and beyond the reach of the water of Despair. They swore a fervent oath of revenge against the surface world, ruled by beasts, and against their tormentor, the False God."

The Truth of the Heroes' Relics
"1, a priest of _______ the findings of my investigation___ When a Crest Stone was removed while its Relic was being wielded by ______ all movement within the Relic ceased. When the Stone was returned, the Relic once again ____ It is beyond question that Crest Stones supply their associated Relic with power of some kind. And the impetus of said power is clearly related to the Crests that certain humans possess...

...Based on the composition of ___ it can be summarized that _______ likely a massive creature akin to a wyvern. However ____ strength is beyond compare to that of wyvern bones. They are more durable than all materials other than crucible steel, making them ideal for crafting weaponry, and absolutely _______ inhabiting ____ difficult to conceive, but one theory____ Is it possible that______ the goddess's___ have potentially...

... Heroes' Relics have been found that are not linked to the Ten Elites.______ the 10 Elites_______ Could it be that others were gifted this power by the goddess as well? Perhaps the disturbing____ that the Relics were not gifts from the goddess___ Additionally______ the same Crest Stones____ Many of my hypoteses_______ I am desperate to find the truth of it all.

The time has come. I must discard_____ i daresay the goddess would not wish for me to learn more than i already have.

(The pages are old and worn, so most of the text is illegible."

Fragments of a Forgotten Memoir
"___/15 - Ailell Forest

It has been several months since King Nemesis has been defeated, and the tides of war have turned from bad to worse. I have received news that my friend Daphnel has fallen as well. Those zealots are after our heads, and those of our leaders. All that is left for us is to dissapear into the muddy waters Seiros has created. My long life may soon come to an end...

___/2 - Itha Plains

I somewhow escaped with my life, but I fear the end is near. Most of my clan has already surrended to the Empire. To my surprise, I am told their safety was guaranteed. I, however, am a different matter. My life, along with my sacred weapons, will unquestionably be forfeit. My dear son and daughter... I hope you can forgive me one day.

Why does Seiros despise us so? What did King Nemesis do to occur such unyieldable wrath? Perhaps it was a mistake to accept his offer. In my case, that is all in the distant past now...

_______ and before this body falls to ash, the evil...

(The paper is so tattered the rest is illegible.)"

Mysteries of the Calendar, Vol. 2
"Much time has passed since the Imperial calendar was adopted. In the prior calendar, the year began with what we now call the Guardian Moon and ended with Ethereal Moon. Back then, the 12 lunar phases were exclusively referred to as months. They came to be known as moons with our current calendar system.

Though the prior names of the months are lost, it is known that the Guardian Moon was often shortened to the number one, Pegasus to the number two, and so on until Ethereal Moon, the twelth and final month. Though inelegant, this was a practical system that apparently served the people of the time well.

There is no way of knowing when the old calendar was created. Any attempts to trace its origins lead to the era of the gods and more unanswered questions. All we know for certains is that the calendar has existed for a nearly incomprehensible length of time.

To change a civilization's calendar would inevitably cause great confusion and unrest. Why, then, did Emperor Wilhelm__the first leader of Adrestia__choose to abandon the original calendar in favor of the Imperial calendar? Historians have identified several possible reasons for such a dramatic measure.

1. The Influence of the Church of Seiros

The names of the Imperial calendar's moons, and the associated lore behind them, are intimately related to the tenets and saint of the Church of Seiros. It is highly probable that basing the new calendar on the teachings of Seiros was Emperor Wilhelm's attempt to spread those beliefs in a much wider scale and help legitimize the church.

If this is the case, it is further proof that the Adrestian Empire had close ties to the Church of Seiros from the very moment of its conception. Alternatively, it has been posited that the goddess herself wished to change the calendar and voiced this desire through the prophet Seiros. This would mean that Emperor Wilhelm simply implemented the change rather than originating it.

2. Asserting authority

Calendars represent the flow of time, and so creating a new one is akin to claiming dominion over time iself. Shortly after its founding, the Empire used its influence to establish a new calendar and retroactively proclaim its founding year as Year 1. Amid the unification of Fódlan, this move increased Imperial authority and heralded the start of a new era"
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