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“An underground city hiding those who slither in the dark. I would not mind finishing up here and returning to the surface with haste.”

Shambhala, the Underground City is a location in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is the subterranean stronghold of Those Who Slither in the Dark, the remnants of the ancient Agarthans.


Shambhala is the subterranean stronghold of Those Who Slither in the Dark, the descendants of Agartha. The entrance is located in the easternmost mountains of Hrym in the Adrestian Empire.

In contrast to other places in Fodlan, Shambhala appears to be more advanced in technology consisting of neon lights along the pathways and on scriptures. Among the hallways are a series of complex piping systems used for unknown reasons as well as a doorway system that requires a device to open rather than a key. Titanus are also present around the city that act as guards.


Shambhala is an ancient kingdom that is believed to be hidden somewhere in Central Asia. The name finds a mention in both Hindu as well as Tibetan Buddhist literature. It is believed to be a place filled with happiness, peace, and tranquillity.


  • Several Cyrillic scripts can be found throughout the walls of Shambhala, referencing the stronghold or the javelins of light. They are written as followed:
    • Катакомбы, Russian for "catacombs".
    • закрытый город, Russian for "closed/secret city".
    • СВЕТИТЬСЯ СВАЯ: Russian for "light/shining piles".


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