Chapter Quotes Edit

Paralogue: Sword and Shield of Seiros Edit

Vs Pirate Captain Edit

  • Shamir: Hate us all you want. We're just doing our job.
  • Pirate Captain: Idle prattle! You think you can best us?

Crimson Flower Chapter 15: Tempest of Swords and Shields Edit

Battle Quote Edit

  • How much of this can you take? It doesn't matter. We will be reclaming Garreg Mach.

Vs Alois Edit

If Shamir is an allyEdit
  • Shamir: So, you're the leader of the Knights of Seiros now? Good for you, Alois."
  • Alois: "Indeed! You seem to be doing well for yourself too. The other knights are always cursing you."
  • Shamir: "Don't worry, I won't hold back. I owe an old ally the courtesy."
  • Alois: "I won't either. I hope you're ready."
If Shamir is an enemy Edit
  • Alois: Why, if it isn't Shamir! You're still with the knights. What a surprise.
  • Shamir: You're the surprise, Alois. I never thought I'd see the day you'd choose anyone over Rhea. Don't worry, I won't hold back. I owe an old ally the courtesy.
  • Alois: I won't either. I hope you're ready.

Death Quote Edit

  • Shamir: I knew it... Shouldn't have let emotion get in the way...
  • Alois: (If Shamir dies first) Shamir, no! I will avenge you!

Garreg Mach Monastery Edit

Choir Practice Edit

  • Shamir Choir is this necessary
    "Is this necessary? I'll sing if I must."

Cooking Edit

  • Shamir cooking 1
    Shamir cooking 2
    "Cooking? I can handle that. What's the next step? It's easy if I have orders to follow."

Dining Hall Edit

  • Shamir DiningHall Good
    "Food tastes better when shared with good company."
  • "Hmm. I like seeing a table full of my favorite dishes." (Favorite dish)
  • Shamir DiningHall Dislike
    "I suppose it's rude to the cook if I don't eat." (Disliked dish)

With Catherine Edit

No Support:

  • Catherine: It's too rare that we get a chance to kick back and stuff our faces. C'mon Shamir, time to gorge!
  • Shamir: I apologize for my partner, Professor.

A Support:

  • Shamir: Eating with the two of you makes me feel at home.
  • Catherine: At home, hm? Hah. That's a nice feeling...

With CyrilEdit

  • Cyril: Having a meal with Shamir... I'm happy and more than a bit nervous.
  • Shamir: Hah. It's rude to ignore the professor like that.

Unknown support:

  • Shamir: Your table manners are the one truly adult aspect about you, Cyril.
  • Cyril: Just one, huh? I hope I can get more aspects real soon.

Recruitment Edit

Requirements Not Met

  • "You seem busy, Professor. I'm busy as well. Let's speak later."

Requirements Met

  • "Working hard, aren't you? I'll admit, I'm impressed. I can assist with any tasks, or help with your students."
    • Ask for assistance:
    • Decline to invite: "That's fine. Just talk to me if you ever need a hand."

Gifts Edit

  • Shamir Gift Disliked
    "If you insist." (Disliked gift)
  • Shamir Gift Liked
    "Hm. Thanks." (Liked gift)
  • Shamir Gift Favorite
    "Thanks. I appreciate it." (Favorite gift)

Lost Items Edit

  • Shamir LostItem Correct
    "Thanks. How did you know this was mine?"
  • Shamir LostItem Wrong
    "It's not mine. You should ask someone else."

Tea Party Edit

  • "You called?"
  • Shamir TeaParty you called so I came
    "You called, so I came." (post time skip)
  • Shamir TeaParty i was just considering paying you a visit
    "I was just considering paying you a visit." (A rank)
  • "Ah, my favorite tea. Even the smell calms me..." (Favorite tea: Chamomile and Crescent-Moon tea)
  • Shamir TeaParty you used premium tea leaves
    "You used premium tea leaves. Who are you trying to impress?" (five star tea)

Introducing Own Topic

  • Shamir TeaParty i'm not much for conversation
    "I'm not much for conversation. I'll gladly leave if you're bored."
  • "I look forward to the next battle. They seem to go smoothly under your command."
  • Shamir TeaParty dagda is far
    "Dagda is far. It would take months to travel there by foot..."
  • Shamir TeaParty i enjoy a lack of conversation
    "I enjoy a lack of conversation. But how are you?"
  • Shamir TeaParty this room it suits you
    "This room... It suits you."


  • Shamir TeaParty it's quiet here
    "It's quiet here. I like it."
  • Shamir TeaParty admiring my gloves
    "Admiring my gloves? I always wear them I never know when I'll have to handle a weapon."


  • Shamir TeaParty that was delicious
    "That was delicious. Thank you. I'll visit again when I'm free."

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Shamir TeaParty thank you
    "Thank you."
  • Shamir Misc oh
  • Shamir Misc hm
    Shamir Misc hm 2
  • Shamir Misc sure
  • Shamir Misc yes
    Shamir Misc yes 2
  • Shamir Misc no 1
    Shamir Misc no 2
  • Shamir Misc professor
    Shamir Misc professor 2
    Shamir Misc professor 3
  • Shamir Misc how's that
    "How's that?"
  • Shamir Misc huh
  • Shamir Misc not bad
    "Not bad."
  • Shamir Misc very good
    Shamir Misc very good 2
    "Very good."
  • Shamir Misc what
  • Shamir Misc hey
  • Shamir Misc i guess
    "I guess."
  • Shamir Misc sigh

Tutoring Edit

Instruct Edit

  • Bad: "Hm. I've failed."
    • Critique: "OK. I understand."
    • Console: "I'll do better next time."
  • Great: "You're a good professor."
  • Shamir Instruct let's do this again
    Great: "Let's do this again."
  • Perfect: "That wasn't difficult."
    • Praise: "Your praise is appreciated."

Group Tasks Edit

  • Shamir GroupTask come we have work to do
    "Come. We have work to do."
  • Shamir GroupTask yes understood
    "Yes. Understood."

Stable Duty Edit

Weeding Edit

With Catherine:

  • Catherine: "Why do two knights of Seiros have to be doing this? Can't I just use Thunderbrand to zap 'em?"
  • Shamir: "Weeds must be cut at the root, like tyranny and vice."
  • Catherine: "Never mind. You're no fun at all."

Clearing Rubble Edit

Sky Watch Edit


  • Shamir GroupTask mission complete
    Good Result: "Mission complete."
  • Perfect Result: ""

Certification Exams Edit

  • Shamir Certification Pass
    "It's a nice result." (Passed)
  • Shamir Certification Fail
    "What a waste of time." (Failed)

Level Up Edit

  • Shamir Level not what i was hoping for
    "Not what I was hoping for." (0 or 2 stats up)
  • Shamir Level i'll grow as strong as i can
    "I'll grow as strong as I can." (3 stats up)
  • Shamir Level this'll make the job easier
    "This'll make the job easier." (4 stats up)
  • Shamir Level more effective
    "More effective." (4 stats up)
  • Shamir Level strength is all for a mercenary
    "Strength is all for a mercenary." (3, 5 stats up)

Skill Level Up Edit

New Skill Edit

  • "I'm finding my focus."
  • Shamir Skill i'm getting it
    "I'm getting it."
  • Shamir Skill technique never betrays
    "Technique never betrays."

Skill Mastered Edit

  • "I've finally mastered it."

Class Quotes Edit

Class Mastery Edit

  • "I've finally mastered it."

Reclassing Edit

  • Shamir Reclass i'll figure this out
    "I'll figure this out."
  • Shamir Reclass more weapons
    "More weapons."
  • Shamir Reclass a new way to fight
    "A new way to fight."

Battle Quotes Edit

When Selected Edit

  • Shamir Select to work
    "To work." (Full/High HP)
  • Shamir Select stay vigilant
    "Stay vigilant." (Medium HP)
  • Shamir select think this through
    "Think this... through..." (Low HP)


  • Shamir battle select 4
    "Let's clean up." (Full/High HP)

Enemy Deals 1 or No Damage or MissesEdit

  • Shamir Miss missed
  • Shamir Miss 1
    Shamir Miss 2

Attack Edit

  • Shamir Attack 1
    Shamir Attack 2
    Shamir Attack 3
    Shamir Attack 4
    Shamir Attack 5
    Shamir Attack 6
    (normal attack)
  • Shamir Attack 7
    Shamir Attack 8
    (normal attack with low HP)
  • Shamir Attack2 1
    Shamir Attack2 2
    Shamir Attack2 3
    Shamir Attack2 4
    (critical/combat art)
  • Shamir Attack2 5
    Shamir Attack2 6
    (critical/combat art with low HP)

Damage Taken Edit

  • Shamir Damage
    Shamir Damage 2
    Shamir Damage 3
  • Shamir Damage2
    Shamir Damage2 2
    Shamir Damage2 3
    (hit by strong attack)
  • Shamir DeathCry

Critical AttackEdit

  • Shamir Crit taking aim
    "Taking aim."
  • Shamir Crit hate me all you want
    "Hate me all you want!"
  • Shamir Crit nothing personal
    "Nothing personal."
  • Shamir Crit right there
    "Right there."


  • Shamir Crit going for the kill
    "Going for the kill!"
  • Shamir crit coming through
    "Coming through!" (against named Church of Seiros enemy)
  • Shamir hate me if you must
    ‎ "Hate me if you must!" (against named Church of Seiros enemy)
  • Shamir crit it's not personal
    "It's not personal." (against named Church of Seiros enemy)
  • Shamir crit end of the line
    "End of the line!" (against named Church of Seiros enemy)

Gambit Edit

  • Shamir Gambit there's our opening
    "There's our opening."
  • Shamir Gambit let's surprise them
    "Let's surprise them."
  • Shamir Gambit let's try this out
    "Let's try this out."

Gambit BoostEdit

  • "I'm in."
  • "Got your back."

Defeated EnemyEdit

  • "Nice work."
  • Shamir Win another one down
    "Another one down."
  • Shamir Win another threat down
    "Another threat down."
  • Shamir Win silenced
  • Shamir Win sleep in the dirt
    "Sleep in the dirt."
  • "Are we done?"
  • Shamir Win boring


  • Shamir Win feels good to fight for a cause
    "Feels good to fight for a cause."
  • Shamir defeat enemy thinning their numbers
    ‎ "Thinning their numbers."
  • Shamir Win stay down
    ‎ "Stay down."

Ally Defeats Enemy Edit

  • Shamir AllyDefeat nice work
    ‎ "Nice work."
  • Shamir AllyDefeat i'd better keep up
    ‎ "I'd better keep up."
  • Shamir AllyDefeat that should help
    ‎ "That should help."

Ally Heals/Rallies Edit

  • Shamir Support i'm good now
    "I'm good now."
  • Shamir Support thanks
  • Shamir Support appreciated

Death/Retreat Quote Edit

“Didn't earn my keep...”
—Shamir's retreat quote. (casual)
“Finally found so many reasons to live...”
—Shamir's death quote. (classic)
Shamir Death finally found so many reasons to live
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