The Shepherds at the beginning of Chapter 2.

“They do have us, milady: Shepherds to protect the sheep.”

The Shepherds (クロム自警団 Chrom Jikeidan lit. Chrom Vigilantes in the Japanese version) are a militia led by Chrom in Fire Emblem Awakening.


The Shepherds are a volunteer force dedicated to protecting the people of Ylisse from bandits and the Plegian barbarians that raid the halidom's borders. This force was formed by Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick for the cause. Many of the members of the Shepherds are personal friends of Chrom and Lissa, some of Ylisse's newest knights, and some other willing volunteers. Chrom does not force any Shepherd to fight in battles they do not wish to participate in, however all of them are willing to help out when asked. Originally, the Shepherds were comprised of only Ylissean citizens, however as the story progressed, the Shepherds added a few people from other countries and even a Manakete and a Taguel. Chrom is willing to allow anyone to join the Shepherds as long as he deems them worthy of his trust, even for some of the most questionable individuals such as Tharja.

The Shepherds headquarters is a small garrison located in Ylisstol, not too far from the capital.

Future Past

In an alternate timeline, when Grima's destruction eventually leads to a ruinous future. Starting from the death of Chrom, each of the Shepherds are all slowly killed over a span of 10 years, leaving behind only their children. During the events of the Future Past Story, Naga sends Chrom and his Shepherds to help the 12 Children defeat the Grima of their world. Six months after Grima is defeated by Lucina, Kjelle and Owain formed "Chrom's New Shepherds", with many new recruits applying each day. Each of the twelve children are members of the new Shepherds.

Known Members

Original Shepherds

All of the people below were members of the Shepherds at the end of the Prologue. All other people recruited during the story of Awakening up to Say'ri, except for Lucina, have identified themselves as members of the Shepherds because Chrom accepted them into their ranks.

Chrom's New Shepherds

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