Sherlock (シロック Shirokku) is a playable character of TearRing Saga: Berwick Saga. He is a young bow knight of Chinon who works tirelessly day and night to hone his skill.


Base StatsEdit

Starting Class
Level HP Str Mnd Agl Def
3 27 4 0 10 2
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Opportunity Shot (Lv 7)
Barrage (promotion)*

BS BowBow

Light Bow
Bronze Arrow x20
Bag (Bronze Arrow x60)

* = replaces Multishot

Growth ratesEdit

HP Str Mnd Agl Def Bow
30% 25% 0% 30% 12% 70%


Promoted Class
Bow Shooter
HP Str Agl Def Wlv
+2 +2 +3 +1 -

Support Relationships Edit


  • No One

Supported by

  • No One


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Sherlock is notable for his Multishot and Barrage skills, which allow him to attack two or three times on command. He also has Re-Attack skill, occasionally allowing him another shot at the target, or allowing him to attack a different one. Sherlock also has a good balance between Speed and Strength and, when trained, can be a devastating skirmisher. Unfortunately, Sherlock is very hard to train due to his absolutely horrid accuracy and his inability to use anything except bows, even after promotion. While Sherlock is definitely the weakest of Chapter 1 characters, he does have a lot of potential.


Sherlock's name is likely related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional character, Detective Sherlock Holmes.


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