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“We meet as enemies. There are no pleasantries to exchange. Ready your weapon, soldier of Crimea!”
— Shiharam fighting his daughter, Jill

Shiharam, full name Shiharam Fizzart, is the father of Jill and a General in the Daein Army, put under the command of Petrine, one of Daein's Four Riders. With Haar, he left the Begnion Sacred Knights because of the corruption of the Begnion Senate 18 years before the events of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He did not want to harm Laguz, but to remain on the good side of Daein, he had to organize Laguz hunts. Petrine ordered him to flood his own territory, Talrega, in order to halt the advance of the Crimean Liberation Army under Ike.

As a Level 10 Wyvern Lord, he is the boss of Chapter 20 and can be obtained for use in the Trial Maps after five playthroughs.



Starting ClassAffinity
FE9 Shiharam Wyvern Lord Sprite
Wyvern Lord
FE9Fire Fire
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Stun (FE9) StunFE9 Lance Lance - B
FE9 Axe Axe - A
FE9tomahawk Tomahawk
FE9Fullguard Full Guard
FE9Elixer Elixir

Bond Support[]


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Shiharam is one of the best bosses at that point in the game. His Tomahawk and full guard make it a bad idea to try and combat him with archers and mages, and his Stun skill can be lethal if activated. If you can take him out with a spear or tomahawk, or some other ranged weapon, do so. But be ready to take his place, or another enemy will.


“Neither of us desires a drawn-out battle. Come! Hold nothing back!”
—Shiharam's battle quote

Battle Conversations[]

Vs. Ike[]

  • Ike: You're the enemy general, right?
  • Shiharam: I am.
  • Ike: I lead the Crimean army. My name is Ike. I know this is sudden, but can we end this battle?
  • Shiharam: What?
  • Ike: I'd like you to shut the floodgates. There's no need to involve the locals in our combat, is there?
  • Shiharam: ...I'm sorry, but I can't do that. Until one of us has fallen, the water will continue to flow.
  • Ike: If that's how it has to be, then I have no choice. Prepare yourself.
  • Shiharam: Ha! So that's the enemy general, eh? If he's the man he appears to be, I can die knowing that Jill is safe.

Vs. Jill[]

  • Jill: Father...
  • Shiharam: We meet as enemies. There are no pleasantries to exchange. Ready your weapon, soldier of Crimea!
  • Jill: Father... I...
  • Shiharam: You won't charge? Then I will bring the fight to you!

Vs. Lethe/Mordecai/Muarim[]

  • Shiharam: You of the beast tribe... I was always envious of how you were blessed with such a glorious lord and master...

Vs. Janaff/Ulki[]

  • Shiharam: High-flying Phoenicians! Who is it that truly controls the sky? Let us settle the issue here and now.

Vs. Reyson[]

  • Shiharam: A Serenes...royal? Can it be that one survived? Well, now that you've appeared before me, I cannot let you escape......Ah, goddess. Forgive me......

Vs. Tanith[]

  • Shiharam: A sacred pegasus knight, eh? At one time, we both protected the same country.
  • Tanith: So you're the one who led the defection to Daein, Lord Fizzart! The man I heard tales about and the reality of what I see before me are quite different.
  • Shiharam: Tales?
  • Tanith: It said that after the last apostle died, the corrupted senate drove one man to leave Begnion. He was said to be in search of a better life, and he became a hero to many young wyvern riders.
  • Shiharam: Hah, that's rich... Tales always make too much of their subjects.
  • Tanith: I had been looking forward to meeting you in the flesh—perhaps even to speaking with you. But now... You would sacrifice the lives of your people just to slow our progress? What kind of dangerous fool are you?
  • Shiharam: ...
  • Tanith: I will not allow you to besmirch the name of Begnion's wyvern riders any further. Prepare yourself!

Special Conversations[]

Note: (Talk to Shiharam with Jill without A support with Mist.)

With Jill[]

  • Jill: Father!
  • Shiharam: that you?
  • Jill: Why... Why are you doing this terrible thing? You must close the floodgates now! The fields will be lost, but there may be time to save the homes.
  • Shiharam: I cannot...
  • Jill: Father?
  • Shiharam: If you wish to stop the water, you must defeat your father. That is...the...only way...
  • Jill: What is it? There has to be a reason! I know that an act like this cannot be what you desire.
  • Shiharam: ...Jill, you must leave. Please! If you can't do that, then slay me! There's no more time!
  • Jill: ... Very well! In that case, I will fight with you.
  • Shiharam: What did you say?
  • Jill: Not as a soldier of Daein, but as one of your soldiers. I will fight.
  • Shiharam: Jill, calm yourself. You mustn't get caught up in the emotions of the moment and lose your way.
  • Jill: Joining the Crimean army opened my eyes. For the first time, I was able to think about what I fight for. Until that moment, I only did as I was ordered. It was all for fame and glory. Now I finally understand. I fight for those I wish to protect. Father, I want to fight for you.
  • Shiharam: Even if you come to regret it?
  • Jill: Yes. I'm prepared for that. I...Jill Fizzart, hereby return myself to the command of General Shiharam. What are your orders, sir?
  • (Jill becomes an enemy unit)

Death Quote[]

“...Haar... The you...... ...Ji...ll...”
—Shiharam's death quote

Choose Your Legends Placement History[]

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 Ineligible
CYL2 Ineligible
CYL3 Ineligible
CYL4 Ineligible
CYL5 454 CYL Shiharam Portrait
Path of Radiance
CYL6 493
CYL Shiharam Portrait
Path of Radiance

CYL7 417
CYL Shiharam Portrait
Path of Radiance


Shahram is a Persian (Farsi/Parsi/Iranian) given name either meaning "king of (female) deer", "king of rams" or "the king's loyal subject".


  • Shiharam is the only one-shot boss who is usable in Trial Maps.
  • If you choose the talk option with Jill, on Shiharam, she will become an enemy unit unless she has an 'A' support with Mist.