“A ninja’s shuriken may not cut deep, but it can sap you of your strength. Your death need not come all at once.”
—Kaze commenting on Shuriken in Fates Chapter 2

Shuriken (暗器 Anki lit. Hidden Weapons) are a type of weapon introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. The term Shuriken (手裏剣 Shuriken) refers to the weapons of this type in Hoshido, while in Nohr, they are known as Daggers (暗器 Anki).


Shurikens are used by the Maid, Butler, Ninja, Master Ninja, Mechanist, and Dread Fighter classes and are generally weaker than most weapons; the two Shurikens with the highest Might, the Chakram and Sacrificial Knife, have a might of 11 while most other weapons classes have weapons are at least 16 or as high as 22. However, they are still useful because they do not penalize the user as much (minus the typical effects) while having a 1-2 attack range (3 only if wielding a Spy Shuriken). This makes Shuriken users troublesome to deal with.

Shurikens can also weaken enemy targets upon landing direct hits on them. Every Shuriken/Dagger gives different status drop effects which immediately apply to the enemy target, even if the attack deals no damage on them. These effects will apply even if the user gets killed by the target in battle. The only way to avoid the debuffs are by either dodging the attack, or blocking it with Guard Stance. If multiple Shurikens are used to attack a specific target, the following will occur:

  • Unit A is using a Spy's Shuriken and hits a target. Spy Shuriken decreases all stats by 2 except for defense and resistance, in which it is 5 instead.
  • Unit B is using a Caltrop and hits the same target that unit A hit. Caltrop decreases speed, defense and resistance by 8.

This means that only the highest stat reductions will take effect, so the opponent will suffer from -2 Strength, Magic, Skill, Luck and -8 Speed, Defense and Resistance.

After the stat reduction takes place, it stays in effect until the other group's turn begins. Stats are restored at a rate of 1 on the user's turn.

Shuriken are throwing weapons, therefore they can be used to attack adjacent enemies and enemies two spaces away. The only exception to this is the Spy's Shuriken, which can only attack enemies from three spaces away. Both knives and shurikens share the same damage output; however, Nohrian Knives are slightly more accurate than Hoshidan Shurikens, which give a +2 Speed increase when wielded. In the Weapon Triangle of Fates, Shurikens/Daggers are treated as Lances. Therefore, they are strong against Swords/Katana and Tomes/Scrolls, while weak against Bows/Yumis and Axes/Clubs.

All Shuriken users except the Mechanist and Master Ninja cap at B Rank. The Mechanist caps at A Rank and the Master Ninja is the only class that can get an S Rank in Shurikens.


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