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“Lyn takes her leave of Araphen, finding no aid from its spiteful marquess. Now, she and her companions resume their march toward Caelin in earnest. Racing against time, with her grandfather's life the prize. Harried and impatient, Lyn presses onward. Suddenly a young boy appears and pleads for their assistance.”
—Opening Narration

Siblings Abroad is Chapter 7 of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade.

Passing through Kathelet, Lyn and co. encounter Nils, a traveling bard, who begs Lyn to rescue his sister, Ninian, from some thugs. At first, Kent objects, but when Lyn says she wants to help Nils, he gladly decides to help. Before the battle begins, Lucius, an Elimine monk, appears from a nearby inn and offers his assistance.

This chapter introduces the Preparations screen, as well as the Trinity of Magic. Also introduced in this chapter is the Bard class.

Finally, this chapter has the first potential Gaiden chapter. In order to unlock Chapter 7x: The Black Shadow you need to finish this chapter in 15 turns or less.


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In order to unlock the Gaiden Chapter, you need to beat Heintz in 15 turns or less, so you want to get to him as quickly as possible. The fastest way is to have Florina carry Lucius over the mountains to the south. Once you are over, release him.

There are only 3 enemies (not including Heintz) that could possibly give you trouble, the 2 Shamans and the Brigand. Lucius and Florina, despite their low HP, have a lot of resistance. The Shamans should give them no trouble at all. The brigand is a bigger problem, but if both Lucius and Florina gang up on him, you can probably kill him in one turn.

Once the area is free of enemies, heal if needed, then have Lucius engage Heintz. He is only slightly stronger than the other Shamans, so you should not have a problem with him. (If you really want the Pure Water from the Northeast village, you should send a high mobility unit like Kent or Sain to get it).


Total: 11

  • Heintz (Boss): Shaman L5 w/ Flux
  • 2 Brigands L1 w/ Iron Axe
  • 2 Mercenaries L1 w/ Iron Sword
  • 1 Archer L1 w/ Iron Bow
  • 1 Brigand L2 w/ Iron Axe, Iron Lance*
  • 3 Shamans L1 w/ Flux
  • 1 Mage L1 w/ Fire

*Dropped when defeated




  • There is a brief conversation between Hector and Matthew if Matthew visits the southeast house.
  • There is a special "conversation" if Serra visits the house Hector is in.