Sieging the Citadel is the fourteenth chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors.

Story Edit

The Hoshidan and Nohrian armies establish a shaky peace, if only until they can return home. With just a single Gleamstone remaining, Darios gathers everyone to tell of a secret stronghold.

Strategy Edit

Main Missions Edit

Seize the two forts! Edit

Seize the Vanguard Fort and lower the drawbridge! Edit

Seize the Castle Tower so Darios can advance! Edit

Sub Missions Edit

Defeat the Myrmidon! Edit

Defeat the Sage calling enemy reinforcements! Edit

Seize all forts! Edit


  • Darios won’t be available to support you in the recent chapters, due to being captured (and being possessed by Velezark’s spirit) in the end of this chapter.
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