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Sieging the Citadel is the fourteenth chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors.


The Hoshidan and Nohrian armies establish a shaky peace, if only until they can return home. With just a single Gleamstone remaining, Darios gathers everyone to tell of a secret stronghold.


This chapter can be an absolute pain if you do not know what to do, so here is the best strategy. Take every unit possible. Your playable units should be: your main lord, Cordelia, Elise and Takumi. Have everyone guard Darios, except for Cordelia, and have her seize the two forward forts. Then, seize the vanguard fort. Escort Darios to the vanguard fort, since he is the only one who can lower the drawbridges. After you have lowered the drawbridges, use Cordelia again to defeat the Gatekeeper, and seize the Castle Tower. If Darios is on low health, use Elise to heal him, while using Takumi to take out the Wyvern Riders surrounding him.


  • Darios won’t be available to support you in the recent chapters, due to being captured (and being possessed by Velezark’s spirit) in the end of this chapter.