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“'ve made it through the blizzard. Congratulations. Unfortunately, the only prize that awaits you is death.”
—Sigune's battle quote

Sigune is the boss of Chapter 19A in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She is the flightleader of the Pegasus Knights who have turned to Bern, and plans to use Ilia's harsh climate to ambush Roy and attack him.

According to an Ilian villager in Carrhae, she is known as "The Ivory Devil." If she fights Thea or Shanna, she will not go easy on them as said in the Ilian knightly code.

She was Juno's close friend, and Juno laments Sigune's death. This makes her wish for a brighter future in which Ilia would find other economical system instead of producing mercenaries, a future in which they wouldn't need to face each other nor hear of their friends death.




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Sigune's stats are extremely well rounded and her weapon is potent, but a combination of factors make her far too easy to defeat. Her impressive movement and flight are wasted on a stationary boss, and her flight prevents her from taking full advantage of the gate on which she is stationed. Like most of Ilia's Pegasus Knights and Falcon Knights, she rides into battle over-encumbered, her Spear slowing down her Attack Speed by a full three points. Most well-trained bow units will have no trouble plowing right through her, especially if they are armed with a Brave Bow or have enough speed to double her, though doubling her might be a difficult prospect on hard mode.


Battle Conversations[]

Vs. Shanna[]

  • Sigune: You... You're Juno's youngest sister.
  • Shanna: ......
  • Sigune: My honor as a knight of Ilia is at stake… Don't expect me to hold back.
  • Shanna: I know...

Vs. Thea[]

  • Sigune: Thea? What are you doing here? Oh…you've joined Etruria.
  • Thea: Captain Sigune...
  • Sigune: You know the code of the Ilian knights. You will get no mercy from me.

Death Quote[]

“...Dear me... I didn't anticipate perishing here... But perhaps...I was already dead... Perhaps I died..a long...time ago...”
—Sigune's death quote


The name Sigune comes from Arthurian legend. In some versions, she is Perceval's cousin.


  • According to a Japanese gaming news website, Sigune landed 76th place out of 80 in the character popularity poll for The Binding Blade.
  • During Juno's B-support with Noah, it is stated that Sigune and Juno were rivals when they were knights-in-training.