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“I feel more like an embarrassment, frankly. My only consolation is that though we have been exiled, the legacy of Prince Arless lives on in us.”

Silva (シルヴァ Shiruva) is a non-playable character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. She is the former leader of the Black Knights of Canaan. She is also the daughter of Barbaross and the mother of Sun.


After the death of Prince Arless, Silva and the Black Knights were exiled from Canaan and sent to the deportation areas of Salia. She is introduced when she leaves Sun under the protection of Lionheart. Afterwards, she joins the Arial Mercenaries led by Sennet and fights to free her homeland from the Gerxel Church's grasp. After Sennet reclaims Canaan and declares the dissolution of the Zoa Empire, the Arless Black Knights led by Silva once again become a regiment of the army. Alongside the Julius Dragon Knights commanded by Theodora, the two regiments become known as the new Sword and Shield of Canaan.


Silva appears to be a cold woman, although she is actually very kind according to Sun. She is a strict commander and will call out her subordinates for falling out of line. Her only wish is to save her country from the Gerxel Church. She also has a strong concern for Sun and thinks that she is too young to fight in the war, but nonetheless wishes for her to gain experience.



Starting ClassGroup
BlackKnight.gif Black KnightTS group horse.png Horseback
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
TS Gale.gifGale

TS Life or Death.gifLife or Death
TS Continue.gifContinue

TS Charge.gifCharge
TS Sword.pngSword
TS Lance.pngLance
TRS DragonSpear.gifDragon Spear
Shield Sword.gifShield Sword
Ts-iron-shield.gifIron Shield


“Kuh... I'm going to have to withdraw for the time being.”
—Silva's defeat quote