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“General Septimus! Gutless coward! Are you scared of these worthless sub-humans?!”
—Silvano cursing Septimus

Silvano is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is a general from Begnion, commanding an army against the Laguz Army. He also the retainer of General Septimus.


Silvano, along with his comrade, Septimus, is put in charge of defending a route to prevent the Laguz Army from breaking through their borders. Upon hearing the taunting roars from the Laguz army, Septimus cowardly flees, leaving Silvano to command the forces alone.

The ensuing battle concludes with Silvano being overwhelmed and killed.


Owing to the minor role he serves with the game's plot, Silvano's personality is largely imperceptible. Despite this, one based on his dialogue, Silvano is shown to be a prideful and cocky individual, as shown when he calls out to Septimus for cowering, despite knowing the strength of the Laguz compared to Beorc. When the odds are against him and even when confronting a powerful Beorc like Ike knowing of his accomplishments in the previous war, Silvano still takes it upon himself to eliminate Ike, calling him a fool in the process, despite their huge difference in combat level. Upon his final breath, Silvano even tells his enemies to mark his words, babbling about the Laguz army meeting their end by daring to go against a powerful empire like Begnion.

Silvano is also shown to be racist towards the Laguz, referring to them as sub-humans like most Begnion generals. He even considers them as worthless. He is also the only non-plot relevant boss from Begnion who knows about Ike's accomplishments from The Mad King's War, even if it's just his name.


Boss Stats[]

Starting ClassAffinity
FE10 Silvano Sniper Sprite SniperFE10Earth Earth
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Critical 10 Critical + 10
Shove Shove
FE10 Bow Bow - CCrossbow Crossbow


RD Biorhythm I


Battle Quote[]

“Wait, there are beorc among them? Why would beorc fight alongside sub-humans?”
—Silvano's battle quote

Battle Conversations[]

Vs Ike[]

  • Silvano: Who are you, swine?! Why do you side with sub-humans?
  • Ike: I'm Ike of the Greil mercenaries.
  • Silvano: I know that name. Have you forgotten the apostle's kindness? Thankless fool! You shall pay with your life!

Death Quote[]

“Sub-humans... You dare to fight Begnion? There's no hope for you now. this will be your end. words...”
—Silvano's death quote