The Silver Army, is a group of soldiers, traveling to the Tower of Guidance in Begnion, in part 4 of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The commander of this group is Micaiah. Micaiah, Sothe, Skrimir, Sanaki, Sigrun and Naesala cannot be removed from this group.

The game is over if Micaiah, Sothe or Sanaki dies. The name, "Silver Army" comes from the title "Silver Haired Maiden" which Micaiah is usually referred to.

Once this army meets with the Greil Army and Hawk Army, they (the Silver Army and units from the other groups) can enter the tower, to battle Ashera. This army appears in chapters, 4-prologue, 4-3 and Rebirth (1). In their journey, they encounter the Begnion Senators, Numida and Lekain. The Heron traveling with them is Leanne.

Some units in this group may be underleveled, but to back them up are powerful units, like Skrimir and Naesala.

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