FE8 Snag

A Snag in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

A Snag is a type of terrain that appears in various Fire Emblem games. The snag closely resembles a fallen aspen tree and is often found on a river bank.

Although the snag does not grant any defense or avoid advantages to a unit who stands upon it, a snag can be attacked by the player to make it fall into a river. This will then provide the player with an alternative attack route, easily allowing a unit to cross the otherwise untraversable river.

Most common snags have 20 hit-points throughout the series. No unit is allowed to attack twice against a snag, much like the mechanics of broken walls as seen in other Fire Emblem games. The snag's low hit-points, unlike the wall, allows it to be easily knocked down in a single attack by most characters.

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