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Solm (ソルム, Sorumu), the kingdom of Freedom, is a country in Fire Emblem Engage, located in the southeast of Elyos.


Solm is ruled by its current monarch Queen Seforia who embodies Solm's values, being both free-spirited yet devoted to protecting Solm from enemies. Solm is an open-minded country with a rich culture. After the Fell Dragon Sombron was sealed, Solm was given the Ring of the Radiant Hero and the Ring of the Crux of Fate to safeguard. Publicly, only the Ring of the Radiant Hero was known to be in their possession while the Ring of the Crux of Fate was hidden away in the Northern Fortress. Solm is a matriarchal country that values freedom, and is neutral in the conflict between Brodia and Elusia. It always had good relations with Firene.

The region is dominated by arid deserts with occasional oasis found every so often, usually providing water for nearby settlements.

Fell Xenologue[]

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In the alternate universe, as the Divine Dragon was killed in the war, Queen Seforia was killed as well. Timerra succeeded her as the next Queen. She held the Bracelet of the Doting Sister.

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  • Seforia - Queen of Solm.
  • Timerra - The Crown Princess of Solm.
  • Fogado - The First Prince of Solm and Timerra's younger brother.


  • Panette - A royal knight and Pandreo's younger sister. Timerra's retainer.
  • Merrin - A royal knight and Timerra's retainer.
  • Bunet - A royal knight and chef. Fogado's retainer.
  • Pandreo - A royal knight and clergyman. Fogado's retainer.
  • Seadall - A famous dancer and fortune-teller.


Solm PalaceTullah DesertOasis VillageAzure CoastPale SandsNorthern FortressSolm
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  • A majority of the Solm characters are named after Italian desserts.
  • The architecture depicted in Solm's official artwork may draw inspiration from the Hagia Sophia, in particular its domes and minarets.