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"Tiki is my Wife" P to Anankos (chapter)/Script
Anathema to Attack Def +1
Attack Def +2 to Beast (Laguz)
Beast (weapon type) to Boo Camp/Script
Book 3 Theme Song to Camilla (Chapter)/Script
Campaign Maps (Azure Moon) in FE: Three Houses to Clive
Clive's Lance to Daring Fighter
Darios to Dia (Fates)
Dia (Location) to Earth Boost
Earth Dance to Event Tiles
Everyone's Conditions to Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi
Fire Emblem: Kakusei to Flying Demonic Beast
Flying Dragon to Gautier (location)
Gawain to Grow Rate
Grow rate to Herbal Remedy
Herbal Remedy/Script to Illusory 106
Illusory Daitama to Joy and Sorrow/Script
Joyful Vows to LUK
Labyrinth Pursuit to Lightsphere
Lilina to Lloyd/The Blazing Blade Quotes
Lloyd (Fates) to Maiden of Serenia
Maiden of the Ice Village to Mila's Turnwheel (skill)
Mila/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Quotes to Necromancer
Nedata to Omen of Destruction
Omnicidal Witch to Plains Fighter
Plains of Hoshido to Rank D
Rank E to Rhys/Heroes Quotes
Rhys/Supports to Safy
Sagaro to Sharena/Gallery
Sharena/Heroes Quotes to Soiree
Sol to Steel Throwing Club
Steel Throwing Katana to Tarvos (creature)
Tarvos (weapon) to The Path Is Yours (Warriors)
The Path Through the Ocean to Tomboy
Tome to Vengeance (Weapon)
Vengeance (skill) to Wind
Wind's Brand to Zieg
Zigludo to ☆Wundergust
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