Special Delivery is a quest given to Byleth by a female Student in Fire Emblem: Three Houses during the Academy Phase.

Quest Details Edit

"I'm looking for someone reliable to make a very important delivery."

Requirements Edit

"Deliver the letter. There's no address, but there's only one person who's always working his hardest, not very up-front with his true feelings, and has an adorable way about him."

Quest-Giver Dialogue Edit

"I poured my heart out into this letter... I'd like you to deliver it for me. To whom, you ask? Well, he's always working his hardest, and he's not very up-front with his true feelings, but he's got an adorable way about him..."

Quest Completion DialogueEdit

"Thanks! I was watching him as he read the letter... It looks like it spooked him a bit. That's too bad."

Location Edit

Given to you by a female student near the Training Grounds.

Rewards Edit

  • Mixed Herb Seeds x5
  • Vegetable Seeds x5
  • Watering Can x1
  • 200 Renown

Strategy Edit

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Talk to the student near the training grounds and accept the quest. Byleth will then receive the "Admiring Love Letter". Head to the Knight's Hall and give the letter to Cyril. Report to the requester to finish the quest.

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