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Sreng is a large peninsula extending from the northern edge of Fódlan.


Sreng is a wasteland punctuated by patches of rocky desert. It is home to a number of warlike clans. The entire peninsula was once called Sreng, but now only the northern half retains the name.


For over 200 years, incursions from Sreng into the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus have been fended off by House Gautier.

Around Imperial Year 1168, King Lambert of Faerghus led an invasion of Sreng. Rodrigue served as the king's right hand during the campaign and distinguished himself as the "Shield of Faerghus". The southern half of Sreng was annexed as a territory of the Kingdom.

Known people from Sreng

  • Zoltan - A renowned artisan and weaponsmith


Sreng is likely named after Sreng, a champion of the Fir Bolg people in Irish mythology.