The St. Elimine Church is the primary church of Elibe, and was founded by St. Elimine, one of the Eight Legends. There are many different ranks in the church, ranging from priests, monks, and clerics, to high ranking bishops. It is unknown who the head of the church is, but Yoder appears to be one of the highest-ranked members. The church is centered in the Etruria capital, Aquleia. The Tower of the Saint is a very holy location to the members of the church, as it is the spot where St. Elimine ascended to heaven. The church is also known to run many orphanages, such as the orphanage that raised Lugh, Chad, and Raigh. Although the church is mostly "good," there are some evil members, such as the corrupt bishop Oro or the insane Kenneth, who left the church to worship Nergal.

Members of the ChurchEdit

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