“The League had routed Hollstadt's knights and recaptured most of the kingdom, but there was still the castle to deal with before Altea would be free; the mage-dragon Morzas remained entrenched within its walls. Unlike General Camus who preceded him, Morzas had been a cruel warden, slaughtering many innocent Alteans at the slightest provocation. Marth roiled to think such a monster still sat upon his noble father's throne.”
—Opening Narration

Star and Savior is Chapter 17 of the game Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. This boss is the first Mage Dragon you will ever fight.

At the bottom left corner is a room containing 7 chests which contain: Devil Sword, Warp, Dracoshield, Master Seal, Silver Axe, Killer Bow and a Secret Book. Obtaining all of these items may be difficult without a Ballistician, high movement unit or a Warp as at the start of the chapter there are two thieves that start 2 spaces away from the chests. Additionally the thieves are prone to stealing the Devil Sword and the Warp and making a run for the top left exit that is blocked by a Mage Dragon. It is suggested that you send units such as Caeda and Marth to intercept the thieves before they are protected by the Mage Dragon or else you will lose these two items which may be valued later on (especially the Warp)

Shops[edit | edit source]

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light[edit | edit source]

Items Price
Pure Water 1450
Vulnerary 600
Door Key 500
Bridge Key 900

Secret Shop[edit | edit source]

There is a Secret Shop located 4 spaces above the throne which can only be accessed if you kill the left Bishop in the boss chamber which gives you the VIP Card and the unit that is placed on the tile is holding the VIP Card in their inventory.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon[edit | edit source]

Items Price
Killing Edge x3 1,500G
Wyrmslayer x3 1,500G
Killer Lance x3 1,800G
Dragonpike x3 1,350G
Killer Axe x3 1,400G
Poleax x3 1,050G
Killer Bow x3 1,600G
Longbow x3 2,000G

Enemy Reinforcements[edit | edit source]

Once you move north past a certain area on the map (3 spaces up from a save point), a Knight and Cavalier will appear from the east each Turn, for 10 Turns.

Extra[edit | edit source]

  • If you want to advance to Chapter 17x: Helena Castle, you must have 15 or less characters alive by the end of this chapter.
  • In Mystery of the Emblem, the throneroom is surrounded by a water-filled moat. The location of the secret shop is moved to outside the throneroom instead of right behind the throne. This layout is also used in Shadow Dragon.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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