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The Steel Greatlance (鋼の長槍 Hagane no chōsō, lit. Steel Long Spear) is a Lance that appears exclusively in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. This lance is very powerful, possessing Might that supersedes even that of the Silver Lance, alongside being one that can be acquired much earlier. These advantages are, however, offset by the lance being less accurate and heavier than its regular Silver counterpart.

The Steel Greatlance is analogous to the Steel Blade and the Steel Poleax.

Weapon Stats

Name Type

Steelgreatlance.png Steel Greatlance

FE10 Lance.gif Lance

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng Wt WEx Worth
B 35 14 70% 0% 1 18 4 1,120


Item Locations

Method Location
Inventories Part 2: NepheneeGeoffrey
Part 3: Gatrie
Vendors Part 1: Endgame
Part 2: Ch. 3Endgame
Part 3: Ch. 2Ch. 3Ch. 4Ch. 5Ch. 6Ch. 7Ch. 8Ch. 9Ch. 10Ch. 11Ch. 12Ch. 13Endgame
Part 4: PrologueCh. 1Ch. 2Ch. 3Ch. 4Ch. 5 • Rebirth