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Steel Heart is Mamori Minamoto's first side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


At Daitama, Itsuki finds Mamori, who reveals that Maiko and Barry got into a fight due to Mamori mentioning that she wanted to focus on her singing career, prompting Barry to demand the cancellation of "Microwavin' with Mamorin". She confesses that she originally only played the role of Mamorin because the adults told her to, but that she has since grown to enjoy the role. However, she has a hard time explaining her feelings to others, hence Barry does it for her. As such, she asks Itsuki to help her become more confident.

Draug tells them about Lorenz, a Mirage who Draug fought alongside in the past. Believing he may be able to give Mamori some helpful advice, they head to Illusory Daitou TV, where Draug sensed his presense, but find he has been corrupted. After bringing him back to his senses, Lorenz tells Mamori that she needs to be more confident about her own feelings to others, causing Mamori's Performa to awaken. After performing Radiant Unity, Mamori is able to successfully explain her feelings to Barry, and Draug tells her she always had bravery inside her all along. After airing another episode of Microwavin' with Mamorin, Barry expresses a belief that Mamori doesn't need him anymore, but doesn't discuss it to her.

Completing this side story unlocks Mamori's Special Performance Microwavin' Heart.