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This article is about the series of weapons. For the Colorless Tome spell see Stone (weapon). For the status condition see Stone (condition)

StoneIconFE13.pngStone (石 Ishi) is a weapon type in the Fire Emblem series.


Stones grant people of specific races the ability to transform. It is unknown exactly what causes these specific stones to spur their transformation. However, the transformation they perform is temporary and wears down the stone's ability to transform the user. Up until Awakening, these were restricted to the Manakete class alone. Since Awakening, the weapon class expanded to the inclusion of Beaststones, introducing new transformation races including the Taguels, Kitsunes, and Wolfskins. Dragonstones also have expanded in Fates to be used by people in the Nohr Prince/ss and the classes that promote from it. It also has gained weapon ranks in Fates.

Stone weapons have existed in the Fire Emblem series since Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Unlike most weapon types, Stones lacked weapon mastery and were limited to only the Manakete class. Stones are notorious for its limited in-game quantity wise as stones were generally not sold in armories. However, their limited quantity were generally offset by high Usage (some have infinite uses) and user stat increases. In most games where Stones are usable, regular Dragonstones were available, however in some games, elemental stones such as Firestones and Divinestones are available, allowing some diversity in the weapon class. In some games, the Dragonstone is treated more as an in-game item rather than a weapon.

Laguz, animal-human characters from the Tellius Series, similar to Manaketes and Taguels, do not use stones to shift forms. Instead they use a Transformation gauge to maintain their animal forms. However, they do have Laguz Stones and Laguz Gems to fill or maintain their transform gauge, but these are not the same as normal Stone weapons.

Classes that use Stones