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“The tactics used by the Gallian army prove effective, and like Flaguerre before it, Mugill falls to claw and steel. Before Begnion can react, the laguz overwhelm the remaining border defenses and cross into the Telgam region. With both defensive keeps overrun, Telgam falls like ripe fruit at the feet of the Laguz Alliance. Inspired by their success, the alliance takes advantage of this momentum to strike toward the very heart of the Begnion Empire. Dukes Gaddos and Seliora are horrified by the speed of the laguz advance. Banding together with the landowning nobles of the northern territories, the mass their armies in Seliora to oppose the Gallian assault. Using the Ribahn River, a tributary of the mighty Miscale, as a defensive front, the Begnion forces make their camps along its western bank in the Sestohl Plains.”

Stormclouds is the second chapter of Part 3 in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. In this chapter, Brom, Nephenee, Heather, Ilyana, and Haar join your party and you will be able to use them again. The Merchant Convoy also rejoins your group.



End of turn 5

  • 1 Blade Paladin from north (Normal)
  • 1 Bow Paladin from north (Normal)

End of turn 6

  • 4 Blade Paladin from northeast corner (Normal)
  • 1 Bow Paladin from northeast corner (Normal)

End of turn 7

  • 1 Bow paladin and one lance paladin from south (Normal)

End of turn 8

  • 1 Axe paladin from southeast (Normal)
  • 1 Lance paladin from southeast (Normal)

After Engaging Boss (if the boss is not defeated)

  • 3 Dragonmasters from southwest corner (Normal)


Base Conversations[]

Name Value Requirement Obtain
The Three Brothers * Oscar, Boyd, and Rolf are all alive, and the central house in the previous chapter was visited by one of the three -
What Goes Around * Heather and Ilyana are both alive -
Item Shop *** - Silver Card


Bonus Experience[]

  • Clear: (easy/normal: 2500), (hard: 1250)
  • In 15 turns: (easy/normal: 1250), (hard: 625)



  • Recover Enemy Bishop
  • Statue Frag Enemy Bishop (steal)
  • Coin Enemy Axe General (steal)
  • Bolting Enemy Thunder Sage (Disarm and steal)
  • Elixir Enemy Istvan (steal)
  • Steel Sword/Storm Sword (steal)
  • Reaper Card (Enemy Axe Paladin) (steal)

Hidden Treasure[]

  • Coin
  • Coin (16 East, 5 North)


  • The Silver Card disappears from Convoy as soon as you head out to the field; once you have done your shopping, sell it to get an extra 2,000G.