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Sublime Heaven is an exclusive Combat Art to the Sublime Creator Sword introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and as a special skill in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is a stronger version of Ruptured Heaven.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses[]

Name Icon Combat Art FE16 Sword.png
Sublime Heaven
HP/Dur Rng Mt Hit Avo Crt
-3 1~2 +10 +10 ±0 +20
Effects Effective damage against Dragon foes; Adds (Magic × 0.3) to Might.
Users Byleth only
Notes Sublime Creator Sword only

Fire Emblem Heroes[]

Name Charge SP
FEH skill special.png
Sublime Heaven
2 500
Effects Boosts damage by 25% of foe's Atk.
If in combat against a dragon foe or beast foe, boosts damage by 50% instead of 25%. Disables non-Special skills that 'reduce damage by X%."
Users Byleth (The Fódlan Star)
Notes -