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The Summoner (サマナー Samanā) is a combat magical class that was introduced in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. A promotion option for the Shaman class, the Summoner class wields dark magic and staves. It also has the special ability to summon Phantom familiars to battle for them.

The Summoner is one of two classes in The Sacred Stones with access to the Summon command, the other being the enemy-only Necromancer (though a Necromancer can be recruited through the postgame Creature Campaign).

History in the Series

In its original inception in The Sacred Stones, the Summoner class acts as one of the promoted forms of the Shaman class. This class, alongside the enemy-only Necromancer class, is the first in the series (barring the monster-summoning Staves in the spinoff TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga) that can use the Summon command.

The Summoner (召喚士サマナー Samanā) class returns once more in Radiant Dawn, where it is a Third Tier enemy-only class that is exclusive to Izuka. Instead of summoning Phantoms like Summoners in The Sacred Stones, Izuka summons Feral Laguz. Izuka can summon four Feral Laguz per turn, as opposed to the single Phantoms that Summoners from The Sacred Stones could maintain. The class has the Flare skill. In terms of stats, it can be considered a promoted version of the second tier enemy class, Druid.



The Summoner class is able to summon Phantom familiars to fight for them. As the level of the Summoner in question increases, the Phantoms that they summon become proportionally more powerful and may appear with more powerful weapons.

Statistically, Summoners are inferior to Druids, save for their Skill. Further, Summoners cannot use Anima magic as Druids can. This can be attributed to the fact that Summoners are given the unique ability to summon Phantoms, thus creating a need for balance. As such, a Summoner is best suited for a backline support role, using staves and Phantoms rather than engaging in direct combat. In The Sacred Stones, each Summoner may have only one Phantom on the battlefield at any given time.

Phantoms are somewhat unreliable combatants, but are easily replaced. This makes them excellent for luring and weakening enemies for another unit to finish off, to include the Summoner himself. While the Summoner is still threatening in battle, when such strategies are unnecessary the Druid is a considerably superior unit.


Base Stats

FE818-53403568/4-Dark.gif C Staff.gif E
FE10436221818082061010FE10 Dark.gif S FE10 Staff.gif S

Maximum Stats

FE860-2727263020281520-Dark.gif S Staff.gif S
FE10502640313025233961010FE10 Dark.gif SS FE10 Staff.gif S

Growth Rates


Class Skills

FE8SummonClass skill of the Summoner and Necromancer classes.
Class skill of the Summoner class.
Mastery skill of the Summoner, Archsage and Empress classes.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE8FE8 Shaman Map Sprite.gifShamanUse a Guidingring.gifGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Shaman.FE8 Summoner Map Sprite.gifSummoner

Known Summoners

The Sacred Stones

Radiant Dawn

  • Izuka - A deceitful, insane scientist responsible for concocting an elixir that turns Laguz feral.

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  • In The Sacred Stones, using the summon command provides a small amount of weapon exp in a random weapon, magical or physical.