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Background Artwork for Summoner Duels.

Summoner Duels is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes


Summoner Duels is a real time PvP Arena mode added as part of Book VI of Fire Emblem Heroes. There are three types of Summoner Duels: Favor Battles which is a competitive version where players earn points and rewards, Practice Duels for players to test out team compositions without rewards, and Free Duels where players can create private matches between each other. Favor Battles come with generally unrestricted unit choices. Both Practice Duels and Free Duels allow players to set their own rules such as more decision time and disabling Support bonuses and Merged Hero stats.

Team Building

Players can assemble a team of up to 5 Heroes from their roster. The player's chosen Heroes go into battle with all skills they have currently equipped. The character in the left most position of the team builder is designated at the Captain of the team and on the Summoner Duel map, they are highlighted by a gold crown icon. The Captain also chooses a Captain Skill that the player designates that gives beneficial effects to the captain and a host of effects that can affect the field or units in combat. The Captain character also is the only character that gains Favor after each Favor Battle.
Players also have three additional restrictions when building teams. Only one Hero on the team can have a Dance/Sing skill, players cannot have more than one copy of a Hero on their team, and only one Hero can have any variation of the Savior skill.`23


Battles consist of five turns which each turn serving as a round of actions. During a turn, Players each turn take turns moving one of their units and can also attack or use an assist skill with one action. Once a player's unit have moved, attacked, used an assist, or if the player forfiets their turn of actions, the opponent can do the same for one of their units. If a unit is refreshed such as through Galeforce or a Dance skill, they can be used for another action in the same turn.
Depending on the mode of Summoner Duels the player is currently in, they may have a time limit each turn. For Favor Duels, this time limit is 30 seconds per action.


Players earn points call Favor when they either defeat an opponent's unit. Players also earn points at the end of a turn if they have at least two units more than their opponent within the 4x6 combat area.
Players keep the earned Favor even if they lose the match. Only the captain gains Favor after a duel and rewards are distributed to the player when they reach certain Favor ranks.